“Nobody wins in this situation, It was an accident not a Homicide, Free Ricardo Patterson”

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First and foremost On the behalf of my family I would like to send our deepest condolences to the parents, family and friends of the young man Antwan L. Timbers whom life was lost after this tragic car accident, may he Rest In Peace. It’s often said that “words can’t express” some feeling or emotional connection about certain experiences in life. At times it could be a good thing but sometimes it’s unfortunate situations such as this very cold rainy hurt depressing day for many.

We truly regret that this has happened and would like to ask for forgiveness and accept our heartfelt sympathy and empathetic understanding of this terrible matter and accident. As I began to write this letter I became very emotional because my son is just a few years younger then the young man that passed away on the night of this accident. I also have a daughter several years older then Antwan so please know that this letter is written with sincerity and passion for your grieving.

While we have had some time now to reflect back on this situation a few things came to mind when it concerns criminal trials and investigations into what is or was intentional. I thought about any potential motives and wrong doing along with the character and moral principles of Mr. Patterson himself as a person, friend, brother, uncle, father and human being.

In 1998 Mr. Patterson joined the military and married Mia Padgett Patterson the mother of my 6 year old daughter Dymond Lucas. Shortly after they moved down to south Jersey for a better life. I have known Mr. Patterson now for almost 20 years. He has been a very supportive father figure to my daughter spiritually and present in her life when I couldn’t be there helping to support her through college. This fact should be taken into consideration while judging and determining if Mr. Patterson deserves to be categorized as someone who knowingly and willfully committed a crime and should be sent to prison.

“The True Administration Of Justice Is The Firmest Pillar Of Good Government”
(Washington, George 1789).

I read through the documents of this case several times trying to find reasoning and understand a few things that we should take into consideration before we put a man into prison without intent or motives to do harm to anyone. Mr. Patterson cooperated with the police at the scene. He was never disobedient, disrespectful, irate or uncooperative with the authorities and willfully submitted to sobriety test by going to the hospital and giving blood which is much more effective for detecting alcohol or any other illegal substances in his system.
However, there was nothing illegal found at the scene that suggested any wrong doing nor was he arrested for being under the influence or driving while intoxicated. Mr. Patterson is a veteran of the US military and a very productive member of society and providing father for a family of 5.

In my conclusion
Mr. Patterson is such a humbled and good hearted man, citizen and human being that he has considered taking a plea to go to prison for a crime that did not commit and does not fall under the guidelines by which he has been charged.

Our family would like to request the mercy of the Court and the family of the young victim. We know and understand that your son Antwan was a very special and precious young man with all the potential in the world, but unfortunately this horrible accident occurred and there’s no doubt that as fellow law abiding neighbors of the county he feels your pain. Mr. Patterson is also having a very difficult time dealing with the death of your son simply based on the fact he has a son the same age as the young man Antwan jr. that passed away.

I’m sure that Mr. Patterson feels terrible that he was responsible for someone’s death and that is something that I would personally not want to live with on my conscious so can we just take one moment to reflect on how a father of 3 and devout Christian might feel. After knowing Mr. Patterson for many years I can whole heartedly say to the court and to the family that this was very unfortunate horrific accident has also hurt him and caused much anxiety, grief and sadness for our entire family that this young man is no longer with us today. We would like to say to the family again that we pray that somehow someway you can and will find peace, contentment and forgiveness during your mourning process.

Can we please work together as the court, attorneys, district attorneys, prosecutors, Special Investigators unit, state, City and community to find a better way for us to grieve and provide justice for Antwan L. Timbers and all parties of this matter. Prison time will exhaust a budget designed for those that had motives intentions and willfully break the law. Mr. Patterson is a U.S veteran and by being imprisoned nobody wins in this situation It will just be another lost and cause more hurt and pain for the family a fellow friend, brother, uncle, father and human being.

My suggestion is that Mr. Patterson participates with some type organizational community service dedicated to the Cause for more awareness and prevention of hi-way fatigue and driving safety. May God bless the family of Antwan L. Timbers Jr. and may he Rest In Peace.


Anthony Lucas