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Airsoft is a sport/hobby that teaches all players to work as a team; working off the honor system. While we do not condone the actions of individual people using airsoft replicas in a manner they were unintended for; we, as a community promote safety, and responsibility; on and off the field.Passing this bill will not stop anyone from using them improperly.

Letter to
New Jersey State Senate Senator Bob Smith
New Jersey State Senate Senator Nicholas P. Scutari
I just signed the following petition addressed to: NJ State Senator Bob Smith and NJ Senator Nicholas P. Scutari.

Do not pass NJ S810

To Members of the New Jersey State Legislature,

It has come to the attention of the Airsoft Community, both local and
national, that the proposed NJ Bill S810, sponsored by Sen. Bob Smith & Sen.
Nicholas Scutari, will enact severe limitations upon ownership and the general use of Airsoft Replicas within the state of New Jersey.
We are against the ideas, because of the potential future consequences it will
have on our community and hobby.
We understand the interests of public safety, of which this Bill seeks to
address. The violent incidents that happen nationwide in public places are very
tragic and unfortunate events that we as a united Airsoft Community aim to
It is our goal to help educate the public and anyone interested in joining the
ever increasing community of Airsofters of proper safety requirements, practices,
current federal laws and regulations that we impose to ensure the protection of
everyone involved. The safety practices are similar to Paintball; which is a closely
related sport, in that play is limited to fields with referees and safety guidelines.
Our interests lie in the preservation of our hobby and to prevent the
misuse of Airsoft Replicas so that future generations can enjoy it. We seek to
keep Airsoft on sanctioned fields with proper safety equipment and regulation as
opposed to public commons, schools, campuses and other environments where
Airsoft Replicas should never be seen.
It is completely within our understanding how our items replicate their
firearm counterparts, which is why we’re so stringent on their proper use and
The potential ramification upon the New Jersey economy would be
noticeable. As a result of the proximity to multiple retailers and sanctioned fields,
the Airsoft community has been growing at a rapid pace within the state and offers
more jobs for the unemployed. More retailers are starting to form and base
themselves in New Jersey due to the increase in both interest and positive activity.
Imposing heavy regulation upon the sale of Airsoft Replicas will only
hamper the growth of this potential revenue to the state. The State of California
regularly receives $175 Million in revenue from growing Airsoft retailers and
sanctioned fields that are state-based, and New Jersey could potentially eliminate
this chance at increased revenue and a growth in potential job opportunities
provided by these select services.
We respectfully ask that you join us in support against NJ Bill S810. We also
greatly appreciate your time and understanding.


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