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New Jersey State Legistature: Prohibit the use of Conversion/Reperative Therapy on GLBTQ Youth

New Jersey has a bill being proposed which would make it illegal to conduct Conversion/Reperative Therapy on Minors. This is Bill is sponsored by NJ State Assemblyman Timothy Eustace and is due to be presented soon.
If you are opposed please make your voices heard. And if you are in NJ please track the bill and take the opportunity to testify for it when it comes up for hearing.
Conversion Therapy is a controversial practice where "counselors" work to change the person's sexual orientation through sometimes extreme measures. There has been no psychiatric or psychological data showing that this practice is effective and both the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association, and the National Association of Social Workers have come out against this practice.

If you follow the link and find Bill A3371 2012-2012 you can find the exact copy of the bill. When you go to the legislative website you can also look down to the far right and see the legislative calendar for the day which will let you know when the bill is being heard.

I have included some additional links for your review:

NASW Statement

APA Statement and Report

and the link to the website for ExGayWatch

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