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Petitioning Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and 8 others

New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania Congress members: Get Congress members more active in programs toward the homeless

Caitlin Sullivan, Victoria Echevarria, and Gabby Ponce have all seen homelessness in their lifetime.As students of Dominican Academy, they have learned that they have to become the change they want to see. Therefore, they are petitioning Congress for change. They want a categorical grant to be given to foundations to help empower the poor.

 In Philadelphia, there were 588 persons on the streets in 2012.  In Camden, there were 915 on the streets. In New York City, there were 3,200 people on the streets in 2012.  Many people are the many shelters around these cities.There is much work being done to help the homeless but not much is being done to solve the tremendous problem of homelessness in the cities. 

Due to the outstanding number of homeless people and the reality of what being homeless means, Congress should be more aware of the changes that they are making and how it affects other people. The homeless people usually have found themselves in a state of poverty because of the lack of opportunity. They have people helping them by giving food and clothes. But do they have a sense of community?  Many places are attempting to help the homeless by empowering themselves to be able to pull themselves out of poverty. Many times these foundations are in dire need of funds. They rely on grants and donations. Therefore, any help is a huge help.

We are petitioning them to give categorical grants to foundations such as New Visions Homeless Day Shelter and Covenant House to help and empower the homeless.

Letter to
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
Senator of Pennsylvania Patrick Toomey
Senator of Pennsylvania Robert Casey, Jr.
and 6 others
Senator of New Jersey Ribert Menendez
Senator of New Jersey Frank Lautenberg
Senator of New York Charles E. Schumer
New York State House
New York State Senate
New York Governor
As you may or may not know, homelessness in areas of your state especially in the major cities is a tremendous issue that is ongoing. The numbers of the homeless in the cities is also tremendous. We founded the campaign for our advocacy project titled Purple Isn't Just For Royalty, and would like to ask you to sign our petition on homeless awareness in major areas and cities. People are not aware that the color purple not only symbolizes royalty but also homeless awareness.
What we have realized through extensive research and observations is that many of the homeless population end up without a house because of the lack of opportunity. Many people do not have proper access to a well-rounded education or proper nutrition. The people who need the most help are hardworking people whose talents are not seen because they are hidden in a bad situation. Therefore, the young are stuck in the cycle of poverty.
We need to let others know that not only are homeless individuals (of all ages) are human beings with human dignity. We are all created equal and no one has a higher importance than someone else who, too, is just like them. Please, help us raise more awareness about the homeless to help create a better world for them by letting the homeless know that we truly care.
What we are proposing is categorical grants given to foundations such as New Visions Homeless Day Shelter and Covenant House because they are equipped to knowing what the homeless want and need. Now, some may say that this is tax dollars going to waste but we know better. If we invest in the education of others by providing programs to help them acquire skill sets, they have more of a chance of getting a job. Therefore, they would be able to rise out of poverty and be able to help stimulate the economy. It is clear that the categorical grants would help our country grow.
We are committed to this program and hope that you will be able to help us. We are trying to attract many people so that we can truly help the forgotten people of Camden, Philadelphia, and New York City.