Legalize and Decriminalize Marijuana in NJ

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We reached 500+ signatures! Let's keep it going!

As of today, the purpose of this petition is to raise awareness that our New Jersey Legislature is NOT speaking for the people/residents of their districts. They are speaking for themselves and their own personal interests or hidden agendas. 

We have high hopes that bringing this into light will help them change their opinion/decision on this bill, and opt in to support it. 

I did want to mention, does have an option to donate to promote this petition further out, so if anyone would like to do so please let me know, and I will post a Paypal you can send donations to and I will do so. 

Remember to call your district senates!

• James Beach - 856-429-1572

• Richard J Codey - 973-535-5017

• Joseph Cryan - 908-624-0880

• Fred Madden - 856-232-6700

• Ronald Rice - 973-371-5665

• Paul Sarlo- 201-804-8118

• Brian Stack- 201-721-5263 <-- IF BUSY, CALL 201-376-1942 FOR BRIAN STACK AND LEAVE A VOICEMAIL.

• Shirley Turner- 609-323-7239

• Dawn Addiego- 609-654-1498

• Bob Andrzejczak- 609-465-0700

All these numbers are public and pulled directly from

Elvin Espinal Jr
3 years ago