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New Jersey: Help Train a New Generation of Lifesavers Today

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Laurie Heavener of Stanhope knows from experience how important it is to train high schoolers in CPR: while picking up her daughter from a Girl Scout meeting she suddenly collapsed from sudden cardiac arrest. Thankfully a sophomore who had recently learned CPR in school was driving by and stopped and began CPR. Laurie knows she would not be alive today if not for that student learning CPR in school.

It happens every day. In fact nearly 383,000 people experience it outside of a hospital every year, and only 11% survive. It is cardiac arrest, and it is deadly. But there’s hope. CPR can double – even triple – the survival rate when given right away. So when more people on the streets know CPR, the better the chances of survival for victims of cardiac arrest. You can help increase the survival rate by signing this petition to urge state legislators to support CPR training in high schools.

Teaching students CPR could save thousands of lives by filling our community with lifesavers — those who are trained to give sudden cardiac arrest victims the immediate help they need to survive until EMTs arrive. In less than the time it takes to watch a 30 minute TV sitcom, today’s students will become tomorrow’s lifesavers — something we can all benefit from.

High school is full of life lessons. It should also include lifesaving lessons. It’s time for students to learn CPR before they graduate — a change that would put thousands of qualified lifesavers on our streets. You can help train a generation of lifesavers by signing this petition to urge New Jersey legislators to support CPR training in high schools.But don’t stop here! Make sure your friends and families can help save lives through CPR training too by sharing this petition with them on Facebook.

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