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SAVE US- from the nightmare caused by a MALIGNANT NARCISSIST and his UNSCRUPULOUS LAWYER!! We are TWO years into being TERRORIZED by a delusional, enraged narcissistic ABUSER and his attorney (friend/ colleague who lacks all moral compass and conscience). The legal system serves as a powerful tool of DESTRUCTION when MISUSED by a CONTROLLING ABUSER. We have been TORTURED and TERRORIZED through the misuse of the Courts by my perpetrator and his lawyer. I have been humiliated, defamed, slandered, attacked, maligned. Never missing an opportunity to cause harm, they have used every legal maneuver, letter, motion, court appearance to launch their continued ABUSE and WARFARE. It is SPORT to them. While my perpetuator is unhinged and needs help, his attorney has enabled his client's sadistic pursuits without ANY regard to FACTS nor ANY professional ethics. I have been thrown into a physical health crisis only to have these two BULLIES gaslight and provoke, deflect, distort, blameshift, and attack with more fervor. We have been put through the wringer, with no end in sight, due to these two BULLIES whom are on a scorched earth warpath. Even with competent, smart counsel to help us, there is no end in sight to their torture. This is because there is no way to reason with two BULLIES whom only desire to cause ANGUISH and DESTRUCTION, and have ZERO REGARD for what is FACT, REASONABLE or IRREFUTABLY BEFORE THEM. 

 WE NEED, WE are DESPERATE for others to HELP US BRING AWARENESS to what HARM and DESTRUCTION an ABUSER and his UNETHICAL LAWYER cause by misusing the legal system as their TOOL of TERROR. 




Local (NJ) Newspaper Story and National Newspaper Story to be published. 

National Cable News Segment, Date TBA. 

DV Documentary participated in, Date TBA. 

Upcoming Meetings with Elected Officials, Local and National.  

Collaboration with DV Advocates, Washington DC. 

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