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Create a "Cohabitation Transparency Reform Act" that holds alimony recipients accountable

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The antiquated permanent alimony laws in New Jersey are in the process of reform - and as many are aware, there are so many areas of gray.  One of the only ways for an ex-spouse (PAYOR) to be released of the burden of alimony, is to prove cohabitation of the recipient. "Prima Facie", in legal terms. Well, under the current law, the burden of proof rests entirely upon the paying former spouse, in which a private detective must be hired, and ample evidence gathered, followed by a court hearing and possible discovery period.  It is not reasonable to hire a private detective 365 days a year and closely monitor someone who is already costing a considerable chunk of the PAYOR's income.  I propose that there should be an annual affidavit that the alimony recipient is required to fill out, that requires them to state their current relationship status. Hence, the Cohabitation Transparency Reform Act (or something to that effect). This would completely eliminate the gray area of cohabitation.  This is necessary moving forward.  Far too many ex-spouses are being punished by the antiquated laws of New Jersey - and being given a life sentence of paying alimony should certainly warrant that the recipient at least be held accountable and made to verify, on an annual basis, that they are in fact still single and in need of alimony support.  Getting divorced is not a crime, and those made to pay for the rest of their lives deserve to at least be treated fairly and be accounted to.  "Prima Facie" is the burden of proof that an alimony recipient is cohabitating - well let the recipients of alimony have the burden of proving that they are not cohabitating - the PAYORS of alimony cannot be burdened any further.  It is time for the scales of justice to not be completely one sided.  There are thousands of people in New Jersey suffering financially because they are being forced to pay permanent alimony - this is a MAJOR issue.  This is real.  This needs to be addressed.  This is the last legal form of slavery in America.  Help!  We are not asking that the law be changed, we are merely asking that the law be enforced in a realistic way.  Currently the law states that an alimony recipient may not cohabitate - however, there is no way of enforcing it.  This new reform bill will solve the problem. 

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