New Jersey Cannabis Employment for residents with non-violent past cannabis convictions

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There are so many New Jersey residents that have arrested and criminalized for non-violent marijuana related crimes. These people are your friends, family, neighbors and most important-locals! It is absolutely mortifying when one understands the potential time in jail, loss of the right to vote, loss of your passport, loss of one’s job, a criminal record , driver’s license suspension, up to $1,255 in fines and fees, and potential consequences for one’s immigration status, financial aid eligibility, access to public housing, and the ability to adopt children. Most importantly, They're being denied a fair chance at employment across every industry native to New Jersey Based off their record for having possession or use of cannabis. All for using, cannabis. A safe alternative for relaxing and social setting, and also a very important medicine.

According to the ACLU, Between 2000 and 2013 - New Jersey law enforcement agencies made almost 280,000 marijuana possession arrests. Holding well over 50% of all drug related charges made during that period of time, including heroin, cocaine, ect. In 2013 alone marijuana possession arrests made up 88% of total marijuana arrests statewide. It costs you, the taxpayer- $750 to pay for each marijuana arrest. Thats $210,000,000 between 2000-2013 wasted on ruining peoples lives and means of living for choosing a safer alternative! 

To right the wrong, we demand employment equality within the medical/ recreational cannabis industry in New Jersey for citizens with past non-violent marijuana related crimes for dispensaries to not deny employment based solely on a past conviction for marijuana.

Agree or not, the people operating in said “black market” before a “legal market” was introduced as consumers, advocates and enthusiasts, growers, marketing, or education and research- They are the reason the cannabis movement is where it is today! For them to be pushed into the corner by big money and unfair criminalization. Together we can build the marijuana industry of New Jersey and be proud about it! 

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