Help Stop Virtual School

Help Stop Virtual School

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Started by Sophie Humm

     Virtual school is soon to come back, which will make a huge impact on our mental, social, and potentially emotional health. Many students have been heard saying they hate virtual school, that it’s hard to concentrate in, they can’t see their friends, and overall it’s just a terrible learning environment.        
     Many students find school to be a great place to make new friends and socialize with one another. Being cooped up in their house, not being able to see each other and will make a negative impact on students’ mental/emotional health. Not only can students not socialize, they can’t properly learn.        
     Many students take advantage of the computer screens to play video games, watch videos, etc. With other distracting factors such as a pet, siblings, parents, or other background noises, it will be hard to concentrate on something as simple as listening to their teacher. As a student myself, I understand completely.
     Also, a student is unable to properly exercise. Without having a daily gym class, a child/student is most likely not going to have any other way to properly exercise. Again, a student cannot be really seen on screen in virtual school. Because of this, during tests, exams, or any sort of school work students may cheat by looking up answers. This can affect their learning experience and the true abilities of the student will be inaccurate.
     COVID-19 does not make a big impact on children. According to U.S states have reported the percentage rate of children deaths by COVID-19 is 0.27%. Some states have even reported zero children deaths as of 11/11/21.  
     Overall, virtual school may be an option for a short period of time, but it is not a realistic option for long term ( for example a full school year). 

22 have signed. Let’s get to 25!