Make November "National Prostate Cancer Awareness" Month

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Why is it that everyone is out in the streets, standing up to breast cancer when there is another ailment that is just as common and just as deadly? The answer is, the other illness is not represented at all because nobody who has it wants it to be known, I’m talking about prostate cancer, the bane of most mens’ existences.

I propose the solution to this problem is to tell men that nobody will make fun of them, that it isn’t their choice, that is the only way to get the word out. No man who respects themselves wants to make anything about their findings known to the public, but if some just would, we could save so many lives.

Nowadays, the technology we have makes screenings and tests easier and the least invasive than ever before. We need to tackle this head on like we do with breast cancer, which is why I have made a petition to make November “National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month”, as it is also a month where various men’s health issues are on the table of discussion.

Most people don’t even know what prostate cancer is, and people are reluctant to talk about it because it is deemed inappropriate by society, which is so wrong and hypocritical of them because it’s ok to talk about female breasts to children as young as six, but I didn’t even know what a prostate was until last year. That is unacceptable since it is just as if not more deadly and common as breast cancer.


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