NJCU - Do Right by the Students of A Harry Moore

NJCU - Do Right by the Students of A Harry Moore

September 5, 2019
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President, New Jersey City University Sue Henderson and 6 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Kaleena Berryman

What a devastating way to be welcomed to a new school year.

We created this petition on behalf of the parents of students who attend A Harry Moore School. We recently heard the news that New Jersey City University (NJCU) is planning to end its program of A Harry Moore and to transition operation over to the Jersey City Board of Education (JCBOE). We are deeply concerned by this plan.

The parent leaders of A Harry Moore are requesting a meeting with NJCU, JCBOE, AFT, and the NJDOE to discuss this matter. We ask that this meeting be scheduled before the end of October. We also request in writing, that an A HARRY MOORE EXPLORATORY COMMITTEE which includes members of all entities above, as well as parents, be assembled immediately to plan the future of A Harry Moore.

In the spring JCBOE held a board meeting to discuss the future of A Harry Moore and it was packed with parents, alumni, students and educators who expressed the importance of the program at A Harry Moore. After decades of collaboration, the people of Jersey City, the educators of NJCU who have given their lives to A Harry Moore and most importantly, the STUDENTS deserve more than this. From what we understand, this transition is set to be implemented in the Fall of 2020. This decision has been made without any inclusive discussion, conversation, or input with and from the parents and educators whose children are being impacted. NJCU has refused to meet with parents after multiple requests on the matter.

After decades of operation by NJCU this is not a decision that should be taken without proper exploration of the impact a change like this could have on the education, progress, and promise of students at the school. We also have not discussed what the loss of the teaching program will do to the scores of future educators who will not be able to benefit from the tremendous hands on learning experience offered by seasoned A Harry Moore educators. We all can agree that changes need to be made, and a greater level of investment by all parties is critical. There is a great benefit to the collaborative relationship between a university and school district, and more minds needs to come to the table to explore the possibilities, including parents.

Having a school dedicated to students with disabilities that is tailored to their needs, is a great asset to our community.  But it is not just about keeping the school open. For parents, the people in the building are integral to our student's success. There is an expertise, high level of experience and standard of excellence that comes with many of the educators and staff within the building. Any investment or change that does not empower those currently in the building, is counterproductive. Our children need consistency, and so do we. For this reason, there needs to be a public and more transparent discussion about this change.

If you support our request for the creation of an exploratory committee, and a meeting with the entities mentioned above, please sign this petition.

Thank you,

Kaleena Berryman, Parent Leader, A Harry Moore
Nicole Gohde, Parent Leader, A Harry Moore

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Signatures: 6,683Next Goal: 7,500
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Decision Makers

  • Sue HendersonPresident, New Jersey City University
  • Frank WalkerSuperintendent, Jersey City Public Schools
  • Sudhan ThomasPresident, Jersey City Board of Education
  • AFT LocalAFT Local
  • State Board of EducationNew Jersey State Board of Education