We Demand Service Upgrades From Telecommunication Companies

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If you’re a Lakewood resident and a customer of companies like Verizon and Optimum, it’s pretty likely that you’re fed up. I know my family and I are. For years, we’ve had trouble getting our money’s worth for their services. Our cell phone coverage in Lakewood has been horrendous for as long as I can remember, and my home internet is slower than promised speeds about 50% of the time.

But since Governor Murphy ordered New Jersey’s residents to stay at home, the issues with services from these companies have only gotten worse. Cell coverage is spotty at best, and data speeds are not just slow; they’re nonexistent. My internet connectivity has always been inconsistent and unreliable, but at least it was generally in working condition. Now, data speed apps show that I am receiving less than 2MB of data per second. That’s not even remotely close to the 200MB/second they promised me. To add insult to injury, Optimum recently raised my monthly bill, so now I’m paying more for worse service.    

And while I’m a customer of Verizon and Optimum, it’s not just them: based on discussions I’ve had with friends and neighbors and the comments on an article by The Lakewood Scoop, nearly every telecommunication company serving Lakewood has not lived up to the promises it makes to residents. It is all too obvious that telecommunication companies are taking our business for granted, and this is not acceptable. We, the hardworking residents of Lakewood, deserve and demand better from our service providers.

If you’ve had enough of subpar services from telecommunication companies, join me in signing this petition to New Jersey’s Board of Public Utilities requesting that they take a leading role in forcing these companies to provide the services that they promised us.

You can also file a complaint with the FCC here. Many people filing legitimate complaints will compel the companies to make necessary changes.