Plan to ensure education of New India School's students amid Corona lockdown in year 2020

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The New India School, Bhusari Colony, Pune works towards "excellent human resource development" (reference website of New India School Bhusari colony  dated 25 May 2020)

Although the parents have faith that the school's management could be working in-sync with the Municipal and State-level officials and organisations to mitigate the risks to her students amid the on-going pandemic of Covid 19, however, no official communication from the school has reached the parents regarding the plan of action.

Hereby, we request the school management to present a Plan of Action by date 30 May 2020 to ensure continued education for students in 2020-21 including but not limited to following points:

1) Each of the four points in the Government of Maharashtra gazette 2020/33/SM-6 dated 8 May 2020 namely 1) monthly payment of fees 2) No fee hike 3) Online payment option 4) reduce fees for services not provided

2) methodology of conducting classes

3) Tools for delivery of lectures and other school activities

4) breakup of fees

In May 2020, the school demanded the parents to pay the fees for academic year 2020-21. In a normal scenario (non-Covid scenario), the parents understand that the fees are for the education that the school would 'normally' impart starting in second week of June. However, in atmost likelihood that the 'normal' scenario would not exist in academic year 2020-21, the parents, who are also consumers of the school's services, hereby request the school management to present a Plan of Action.

Without complete clarity on the nature of services to be imparted, demanding advance payment for the services seems neither ethical nor in lines with clauses of the Consumer Act.

Note: a deadline of 30 May 2020 has been put forth for the above Plan of Action because the school management has set a fees payment start date of 1 June 2020