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Build a World-Class Skatepark in Bucks County, PA

Skateboarders in the Greater Philadelphia area lack a legal, respectable way to practice the amplifying sport that they love because there are few existing skateparks. The implementation of a high-quality skate park or skate plaza would bring many economic and social benefits to the community for several reasons:

1.     Skateboarding is a beneficial and healthy activity that keeps both adults and teens on the board expressing themselves rather than using harmful substances and participating in risky behaviors.

2.     Many towns in the Greater Philadelphia area have alienated skateboarders by making skateboarding illegal and have failed to compensate for the law by providing skateboarders with a designated area to practice. If a city or town does not have a skatepark, the city or town becomes the skatepark. The best way to keep skateboarders from using urban features for skateboarding is to build these features in an area designated for them.

3.     There are few high-quality skateparks in the Greater Philadelphia area. Many are prefabricated, metal skateparks that skateboarders all over the world despise. There is a strong demand for a high-quality, concrete skatepark or skate plaza in the Greater Philadelphia area, one of the densest cultures of skateboarders in the country. If a superior skatepark were built in Bucks County, skateboarders and parents of young skateboarders from surrounding areas would flock to it, driving revenue for local businesses in the Borough. 

4.     Relative to other popular sports, skateboarding is safe. A study at the Stanford Children’s Hospital suggests that skateboarding is a much safer recreational activity than other mainstream sports. The number of children under 16 visiting the ER nationally for skateboarding was substantially less than those for football, baseball, and soccer: 215,000 for football, 110,000 for baseball, 88,000 for soccer, and 66,000 for skateboarding (there are an estimated 13 million total skateboarders in the US).

5.     Skateboarding brings communities together! Thousands of skateboarders in the Greater Philadelphia area share a love of skateboarding, using skateboard parks to host events and contests that raise money for charities of all types around the world. The implementation of a skate park in Bucks County would plant the seeds for a thriving, philanthropic local skateboard culture for future generations to participate in.

6.     A skatepark provides adolescents who do not favor organized team sports to pick up a creative, active, and self-driven alternative. These self-taught athletes visit skateparks and become part of the camaraderie of local skateboarders. Nationally, participation in team sports is declining and participation in the individualized sport of skateboarding is steadily growing.

7.    With an occasional 1 to 100 land to attempt ratio when learning new tricks, skateboarding teaches kids how to persevere towards the great payoff that comes after enduring countless failures. Skateboarding helps develop many character traits that are important in life such as persistence, commitment, and overcoming failure.

8.  Properly designed skateparks are fiscally conservative and require very little maintenance. Between mowing, fertilizing, seeding, and lighting a single soccer field can cost over 20,000 dollars annually to properly maintain. The nation’s oldest skateparks have been servicing generations of skateboarders for over 30 years and require minor maintenance such as trash and debris removal, graffiti removal, landscaping, and terrain inspections and repair. 

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