New Hampshire: Teach History Right.

New Hampshire: Teach History Right.

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Started by Sinclair Eldredge

Hi, I'm Sinclair Eldredge and I'm a high school junior at Alvirne High School in Hudson, New Hampshire. My fellow students and I are concerned and opposed to New Hampshire House Bill 1255 of the 2022 session. 

In short, the bill bans the "advocating" of communism, socialism, and Marxism in public or state-approved institutions. Additionally and more troubling the bill states, verbatim:

"No teacher shall advocate any doctrine or theory promoting a negative account or representation of the founding and history of the United States of America in New Hampshire public schools which does not include the worldwide context of now outdated and discouraged practices.  Such prohibition includes but is not limited to teaching that the United States was founded on racism."

No teacher shall advocate any theory promoting a negative account of the founding of the United States. No teacher shall advocate any theory promoting a negative account of the history of the United States. 

No teacher will teach history correctly.

It is important to teach a full history. The good, the bad, and everything in-between. Students deserve to hear history from all perspectives and be presented with the full truth. This new bill would restrict and infringe upon students' right to learn and grow into productive members of society. 

Additionally, this bill will harm educators. Assuming there will be a similar investigation and reporting line, there lacks any form of qualifications for a report against an educator. The bill's vague language could lead any parent or student to believe that the notion of discussing racism as a whole is justification for reporting an educator and risking the loss of their license.

This bill does more harm than good. While the concerns of the legislators are understandable, United States history is not the only history taught in public education. Students learn about the Atlantic Slave Trade, they are aware that slavery happened on a global scale, they are aware of both positive and negative aspects of history on a global scale.

My high school offers a large variety of history electives. From East Asian Studies to US/Russia Relations. How are these electives supposed to survive under this new bill when any notion of a negative perspective of the US could risk an educator's license? Or an explanation of communism to learn about McCarthyism? How would students be able to have choices in their education when this bill restricts the basic history that is allowed to be taught in classrooms?

A one-sided history does no good to any student. An incomplete education is nothing short of a hindrance to students. In the words of Winston Churchill, "Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it." Do not allow New Hampshire students to repeat history, educate them so that they can make history.

Sign this petition, reach out to your representative, and make sure your education is protected.

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374 have signed. Let’s get to 500!