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Petitioning NH government and Medicaid New Hampshire State Medicaid/Dental coverage for Adults and 2 others

New Hampshire State Medicaid/Dental coverage for Adults: Include yearly checkups and other preventative dental services for adults.

There are so many people in NH that cannot afford dental care over 21. In this state, you only get coverage if it is an emergency or you are in pain. How will that prevent more tooth decay and more expensive procedures that ARE covered by the insurance? It is cheaper to maintain your teeth than it is to have oral surgery or a filling. I want to petition dental insurance for NH medicaid adult participants to have a yearly exam/cleaning and treatment if needed. Other states include it, and for those that are on a fixed income and are single parents, like myself, could really use the help when I do not have benefits offered through my work and am not making enough to purchase them myself. Please help me and other residents get preventative care for their mouths to avoid these costly procedures coming out of tax dollars.

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