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NH needs a law to have someone committed involuntary to treatment for drugs or alcohol

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Please read this story to understand why we need a law In New Hampshire that allows a person to request a court order requiring someone to be civilly committed and treated involuntarily for alcohol or substance abuse. 

On July 16, 2016 John C. "Bubba" Carter died of a drug overdose.

Bubba was first introduced to drugs at the young age of 13. He began drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana. His addiction rapidly progressed into heavier drugs such as, pills, cocaine, and heroin. Through the years, Bubba fought hard to live a life of sobriety, and attended his first rehab at the age of 15. As he continued to struggle, he again entered his second rehab at the age of 16. After leaving his second rehab he attempted to attend AA, and NA meetings weekly. Battling with his anxiety he had a fear of not being accepted by his peers. The stigma of drug addiction surrounded him everywhere he went. While he was dealing with his own demons, he lost friends along the way to this horrible disease. This effected him greatly. During this time his family and friends continued to reach out and offer love and support.

On March 17,2016, Bubba with the help of family and friends entered his final detox and rehab before he died. After three weeks there he left the facility and returned home where he continued to spiral out of control. At some point, which we learned later, he maintained 30 days of sobriety on his own between March and April. He was very proud of himself. We then learned he relapsed in May of 2016.

Two weeks prior to his death on June 30, 2016, his family and friends attempted an intervention. At this time Bubba was no longer living at his mother's home. Although his family kept in contact with him, they had decided to stop enabling him hoping he would choose recovery again. During this intervention the police were also involved and tried to help him but because Bubba knew all the "right" words to say to the police their hands were tied. We then learned Bubba had been using heroin intravenously. 

In Massachusetts and other states they have a section 35 which allows a family member, police officer or doctor to have a person civilly commited struggling with addiction commited for treatment for drugs or alcohol. A judge then can have that person committed to a detox for up to 30 days or more. New Hampshire has a civil commitment for mental illness but it does not cover alcohol or drugs. Maybe if we had that option the police or us as family could have had him commited. Things may have been different if we had a law in New Hampshire. We don't know if it would have saved his life but we wish we did have that option as a tool to at least try. 

Families need more options to help their loved ones who need it! 


Sign this petition! We need to help save those who are struggling with addiction like Bubba was! Some of us have lost family members and friends to this horrible disease and it needs to stop! Sign this petition to make  a NEW HAMPSHIRE law like this available to families! 

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