Bring justice to victims of domestic violence : The price of defending yourself

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Victims of Abuse and Injustice. Where to Turn? 

I, like so many other people in our country, held my trust in the judicial system. Never thinking a blatantly obvious victim would be arrested whilst the proven perpetrator would walk free . I, also like far more women and men than people could fathom, fell victim to decades of abusive relationships that became the norm.  

These past 2 months had awoken me to the verbal, mental, sexual, and physical abuse I had been rationalizing in my brain as "love", but was horribly mistaken. Love is not a method to break someone to the point they no longer exist without control. Love is not biting ones' tongue because the consequences and humiliation are not worth it. 

FINALLY  after two unprovoked physical assaults within two weeks I called 911(Me: 5'ft 100lb vs 6'4 220lb )

This last resort phone call resulted in my arrest. Because my abuser comes from a very wealthy family he is omitted from his actions? Or maybe he works secretly for the police? 

I was obviously shaken, horrified and confused, getting arrested for fleeing for my safety..  while the abuser was set FREE. TWICE. IN 2 Weeks. He has left the state and now the mess is mine alone. 

I have to pay $5,000.00 (+) , that i do not have, to literally DEFEND MYSELF as to why I shouldn't have been assaulted. 

This is only the tip of the glacier that came after doing what we all have  been taught to do when our lives are in danger .. He has to pay $0.00 and can continue to live a fake life as a predator.  

I realised at this hollow point in my existence that so many other victims go through similar, and far worse, abuse that is met with negligence of the justice system and/or the justice system turning on the victim.  There is a total lack of justice, compassion and realistic expectations for victims of domestic violence  that truly needs to be not only addressed, but reversed, immediately. Especially for those who have families.

I am asking for help to pay the $5, 000.00 retainer for my attorney. 

I am a 27 year old tiny female living with my parents,  commuting to Northeastern University in Boston. I am finally in my last semester of a premed program,  behavioral neuroscience, expected to graduate this May  - with negative funds, negative energy, and the realization that my attacker was let free twice with zero repercussions nor consequences. 

Any amount will be beyond appreciated and will help tremendously!  Also every donation would bring meaning beyond words, it would mean a future in my career. It would mean having a different method of quickly judging others. It would make a solid change in our world. I have no idea why both local and state police officers allowed this to happen, nor will I ever. I do know, it should never happen again. 

I do not define myself as a victim, I consider myself intelligent, strong, understanding , loyal, and the furthest thing from a coward.. but I am done putting my life in the gutter for those who would not even roll an eye.. 

Any extra money will be given to victims of domestic abuse in need of support, resources, and proper justice

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