Keep Ossipee Lake Sandbar open to all.

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Dear Commissioner Quinn,

     I write this letter in representation of a large group of residents, vacationers and visitors to Ossipee Lake.  We understand there was a letter put forth to your office on behalf of one homeowner who isn't happy with their home being close to a heavily travelled channel and sandbar that connects the main lake to the bays and coves to the east.  This area has been frequented for at least 40 years at my recollection without a documented safety incident. Their letter cites safety concerns as an excuse for their real concern which is noise.  Noise of boaters, fisherman and watersports enthusiasts who make up the large majority of the tourism who support the local economy throughout the summer months. Additionally many of these same people also enjoy the lake during the winter months.  The sandbar area in question has been enjoyed as a gathering spot since at least 1983 but likely well before.   Rafting laws are enforced by Marine Patrol and abided by as required by the current law.  The few individuals who set forth a letter to you do not represent the majority and seek to prohibit use of a public area for their own gain.  Ossipee Lake is not just for those with the means to purchase lakefront property.  We, the undersigned urge you to reject the proposal to close off this public area and make access to our beautiful lake available to ALL not just land owners.  As it stands now Ossipee Lake, a state resource, has limited free public access.  Thank you for your time sir and "Live Free or Die" 

- The Coalition to Defend Ossipee Lake Sandbar