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In a Council Paper dated 9 November 2017 (Environment Overview and Scrutiny Panel) it outlined its plan to replace the very same toilet block:
'Barton Beach - Barton-on-Sea - replace current portacabin style building on a like-for-like basis. Replacement was necessary every 10 years or so because of the effects of the climate on the sea front. The conveniences were well used and appreciated over the summer months.

The recent report to the Council failed to mention that the nearest toilets are at the top of a very steep hill. A hill that is too steep for some people to walk up several times a day. In particular elderly visitors, people with health conditions / walking difficulties, young families with young children, pregnant women etc. This could mean that they are forced to stop using the beach for this very real and pragmatic reason.

For an inclusive Council and one that prides itself on fairness and diversity, the closure of the toilets does not demonstrate this - quite the opposite!

Local residents have noticed that members of the public have started to urinate, leave dirty nappies and used tampons around the beach huts and rock areas. As the weather warms up, this is very likely to get worse. Numbers of visitors are likely to swell further as a result of COVID-19 and increased holidaying in the UK. Not only is this unpleasant for beach users but a very real health hazard for all. What reputation does Barton want for its beach?

We see the removal of the toilets as an issue for all users of the beach, of which there are many thousands each year. There is absolutely no logic to the proposed removal of the toilets and the reasons given for closure are weak and inaccurate. The toilets are very much needed and even essential to the many diverse people who use the beach.