New Fitness Studio in Boston needs Gas Now - Please sign!


New Fitness Studio in Boston needs Gas Now - Please sign!

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Savin Hill Fitness Studio started this petition to Governor Charlie Baker and

** If you are someone that is also affected by the National Grid moratorium please email me - I am trying to gather a team of affected businesses and residents! **

Hi, my name is Erin Madore and I am in the process of opening Savin Hill Fitness Studio. This has been my dream… to open a fitness studio in the heart of Dorchester, Boston, MA.

I am a proud Boston resident, passionate about fitness and wellness, trying to create a beautiful studio in the heart of Dorchester - a neighborhood that desperately needs more health and wellness options! I have been in the fitness industry for over 6 years and I am doing everything in my power to create a gorgeous, inspiring and motivating space that changes lives and empowers a community.

However, I (along with several other brand new businesses) am struggling with setting an Opening Date, as our new building has not received gas from National Grid yet.   

The fact that we have not received gas yet is putting my business in jeopardy. My business and so many other new and inspiring/aspiring business are not able to open without gas.  

My studio was supposed to receive gas lines, meters and hook up back in June of 2018.  It is now December – 6 months later – and we still have not received any of these services… There has been a National Grid lockout, and now a moratorium; which translated means that all "new gas work" has been stopped. This means that there are new buildings and companies all over the state that cannot receive access to gas - a public utility that is necessary to heat our building and water.

And this means that my studio, SHFS, cannot receive access to a public utility that is absolutely necessary to our opening. I am one of many/several new businesses that cannot open. This is a loss of income and economic opportunity – not only for me, but for the area. My business alone will have job/employment positions for at least 60 people. My studio will help the neighboring businesses and community by providing a desired service and by bringing in more people to the neighborhood. We have teachers ready to teach, trainers that are ready to train; front desk personnel ready to greet our clients; our cleaning crew ready to come in – and everyone waiting for gas.  

Without gas, we CANNOT open.

This is beyond unacceptable. I understand there are many issues at play; however, I do not feel that they supersede the fact that gas is an important public utility… and the fact that we have not yet received this service is a true detriment to our company.  I find it hard to believe that the State of MA and Boston, as well as National Grid, are doing in their power to find a solution and provide a public service to people and business that need it. This has been going on far too long.

We have so many people that are already depending on us: our 60 team members from trainers to custodial (all good hardworking taxpayers), and our 50 founding members, and the other businesses in the neighborhood that would benefit from our being here… and yet we do not have gas.

Please sign my petition and help me show Governor Charlie Baker's Office, Mayor Marty Walsh's Office, National Grid and the Union that we cannot wait any longer and we need gas today.

Please help me receive the gas that it a vital public utility, and beyond crucial to our opening.

All I want is a chance - a chance to create an amazing space, change peoples’ lives for the better, and grow a successful company. And I need your help - please sign my petition and stand up for small businesses, stand up for women-owned businesses, and stand up for fitness and wellness.

People are counting on me, I hope I can count on you! Thank you!


This petition made change with 716 supporters!

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