Stop fund detracting from the arts at New Fairfield High School

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We oppose New Fairfield High School's decision to detract funds from the arts and make Mrs. Main a 0.6 part time teacher.
Art is inherent to our society and culture, and thus a necessary part of our education. In studying it we gain a deeper knowledge of anatomy, spacial reasoning, composition, expression of ideas, etc. that is beneficial to any person pursuing any career path.
The current financial plan for 2017-2018 puts NFHS students’ educational well being at risk, as detailed below:

  • It will likely cause an end to the Commercial Art and Design class, the only class dedicated to teaching students how to create advertisements/publications, and the only art class specifically geared towards teaching students how to use digital art tools. This course, taught by Mrs. Main, is beyond necessary in a world rapidly becoming digitalized. Without Mrs. Main’s undivided instruction in how to use these art programs many student artists will be left unable to use the tools the school has payed to provide, and any students wishing to go into graphic design or digital art in college will face major setbacks. After ten years of waiting, the school has finally given the art department enough computers to teach digital art effectively, yet this act will be completely undermined without Mrs. Main’s qualified instruction. 
  • It places the school yearbook and school newspaper, The Rebel Journal,  in jeopardy. Both school projects, headed by Mrs. Main, are basic parts of the NFHS school identity.  The school yearbook has won not only state, but national awards for 8 years in a row! The journal, a newer endeavor, provides students with a platform of free speech. A high school without a yearbook is spiritless, and a school without a newspaper is voiceless; yet in the current situation it appears that is where we are headed.   
  • It will result in an understaffed art branch. One full time and one part time art teacher are not enough for a school of more than 1,000 students. These budget cuts will result in a lowered quality of art education, and hinder students from meeting the graduation requirement of 2 credits in fine/applied arts.

The current financial plan is not only an attack on the arts but an attack on high school student’s futures. We ask that the current amount of funds put towards our art classrooms is retained, something which the school has demonstratively been able to provide in the past.


I am one of the two who created this petition in order to protect the arts. Mrs.Main has been one of the most influential teachers I have ever met in my life. She taught me how to go from basic and really mediocre drawings to realistic self portraits. I'm sure many others can agree that she has helped many students develop a love and burning passion for creativity and art. She has essentially evolved me as now that I have this passion for creativity, I always want to draw. I would hate to not see her teach full time, as she does so much for the school and the students especially! I feel as with enough people we can get the funding to remain. Thank you for reading this and I hope you'll sign with us. 

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