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New Evil Dead Game 2020 (Ps4/Xbox1/Pc)

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New Evil Dead Game 2020

[WARNING: the year i set is for what was hoping the game would be out but it clould take a while to create a game like this, so keep in mind the year is a hopeful estimate of when the game could be in production by!]

So it has finally happened.. AVED is done, bruce is retireing the roll! And while all of you will automatically think that im trying to get him out of retirement thats not the case! Altho a project like this would be great with his involvement. But the facts being that bruce is done, dosent sound like hes having second thoughts! So with that being said, i had started this petition before season 3 of AVED started! Tho it feels like a lost cause im not giving up on the franchise, Bruce has said himself the franchise can go on, just without him! So lets respect his wishes! Im still hoping to feature ash in this game maybe recreate the trilogy in video game format! PS4,Xbox1,PC! The cabin is where the action is at! With todays graphics this game could be the scariest survival horror/adventure game ever! With lots of blood and Wise cracking jokes! The only thing is they would most probably have to change the look of ash slightly and find another voice actor! But if the fans really love the franchise, and this game does happen and is made strictly horror survival im sure this game has potential!

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