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End Horse Doping

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I am the parent of a 10 and 11 year old and they compete locally in walk trot. During a recent show our trainers used my truck for transport. Upon their return I found a vial of Acepromazine Maleate Injection "Ace", a surgical anesthetic, and a used syringe. When I contacted the trainers it was admitted they use it at show warm ups to keep the horses calm/happy. I have contacted our vet, and my horse, nor the other horse at the show have a prescription, nor need, for the medication. I was shocked that people that I trusted with my children’s and horses welfare were so negligent. As a mother and business owner I felt that one of the things I needed to do was to reach out to organizations responsible for local shows to protect current and future riders under their tutelage. I contacted the local Rhode Island Horseman’s Association numerous times and never heard back. I then emailed everyone on their Board. Never heard back. I then contacted the New England Horsemen’s Council and they said since I didn’t see it and contact the Steward I don’t have proof. I have a vial, a syringe, and an admission of use in writing. The SPCA feels a law has been broken. Why then are the governing agencies for horse shows turning a blind eye? Is it really okay that trainers play vet and inject anesthetic into a horse then put a small child on them just for a blue ribbon? Is it all about points? What other children's sport would ever allow this?! Why is there not one guideline or protocol to protect horses and riders from this practice? Maybe this is the perfect sport for Lance Armstrong!It is my hope to raise awareness that your horse and children can be put at risk and the sport's governing agencies and councils therefore need to enact standards, ban irresponsible trainers, and due their due diligence to protect both horse and rider. 

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