Stop selling beer that mocks Mahatma Gandhi

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They’re changing the name!

After weeks of being under intense scrutiny from national media, the New England Brewing Company has decided to change the name of the “Gandhi-Bot” beer! When I learned that Connecticut State Representative Prasad Srinivasan was advocating for the named to be changed as well, I reached out to his staff and forwarded on the petition for them to use. Representative Srinivasan, along with local Indian-American businesses owners, and other community leaders, held a series of meetings with the New England Brewing Company, and the company finally decided to change the name! The process could take up to three months, and the beer itself will not change—but you helped make this happen! Events like this really show how our society can come together; they are simply matters of what is right and thoughtful, versus what is offensive and unnecessary. Thank you so much to all of you for showing your support; by the end, the petition received over 12,500 signatures! You can read more about the decision to change the name through the links provided below. Thanks again!

Victoria Meaney
7 years ago