Reduce the basic age bar of graduation to 18 years

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Reduce the basic age bar for graduation to 18 years, we can do this by removing unwanted and outdated topics from our academics. Why every child is needed to learn algebra, calculus, chemical equations, etc., Just provide the basic caluclation concepts, for the rest we can use calculators.. similarly , by leveraging on technology we can eliminate most of he junk from the academics and  this will ensure the youth will have the required knowledge by 18 years and he will be ready to start his career. This will bring enormous changes in society.
1. Our youth is  ready a bit early to chase their dreams (from 22/23 to  bought to 18)
2. Will decrease cost of education to be spent by. Parent( if there are 2 children -6 /8 years of expenses to be spent on their education and other expenses would be saved)
3. This will help the family , Indian society is mostly dependent on parents and that too father being the bread winner and mother taking care of family... If we can bring this change by reducing the basic age bar for graduation to 18, this will help in early self sufficiency for the family.. the kid will also be an helping hand to the parent.
3. This will uplift the social life style of the family thus building a happy nation.

Optimistic scenario: consider this reform is implemented,youth has started his career by 18, he has enough time to decide and have a focussed growth by age 24/25 (7 years). He got married and started his family and he need to provide and take responsibility till the kid turns 18, so by 45 he will be free from basic responsibilities. We have brought down the retirement age 15 years by doing so... Event in worst case consider the half , we have saved 7/8 years of labour he has to do... This will improve the life style of the family and helps for nation's upliftment.