NEW EDEN should be safier and more friendly in High Secs.

NEW EDEN should be safier and more friendly in High Secs.

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Сергей Свичкарь создал(а) эту петицию, адресованную Robin Jung и

Dear Mr Hilmar Pétursson and Mr Robin Jung, ladies and gentlemen CSM members we kindly ask you to take action about the problem of the unacceptable players behavior in New Eden realm, what, based on our estimates, can be characterized as game experience spoiling. In some cases this game spoiling behavior force some of the player to leave EVE Online forever, and we see the great problem in that.

First of all, we would like to say that EVE Online is absolutely unique and inimitable game world, that, despite many forecasts, continues to live and develop. This world is constructed not only out of the game mechanics. The main component of EVE is the it's vital international multicultural community of human beings.

And if the game development is moving on, the community itself suffers of stagnation because of deviant and wrongful behavior of some players. Those players spoil game experience of other players with full connivance of EVE Online Game Administration. And we think it’s very wrong.

Some players solo or with their gangs terrorize all the players they can in New Eden. There is unsafe space in New Eden like Low Sec, Null, W-Space and that’s ok if you risk with your ship and life once you go there. No problem, it’s ok if you catched by the campers or overblobbed - you know that you are at unsafe space without any law or order. You knew the risks.

But there is High Sec space and there should be civilization, law, order and security. And what we see today? The gangs do not really care about the law - any player can be killed or robbed in “safe” High Secs even when try undock.

Some players are terrorized so much, so they have to change their online time to avoid the stalkers gangs. Or leave the game at all for months, years or forever just to get rid of the stalkers.

And what CCP officials say: “If you are stalked, bullied, humiliated - it’s your problem, it’s part of the gameplay, so enjoy”. We believe that the things should not work like that.

There are recognised all over the world standards of undesirable behavior. Namely:

Killing a man by a man - bad
Robbery and theft - bad
Stalking, bullying, humiliation - bad

Any human community can evolve only with the mentioned standards, otherwise it degrades to wild uncivilized savages gangs. In EVE Online such gangs feel very free and welcomed stalking, bullying, humiliating, robbing and killing any player they want even in High Secs. Some players fight, some hide, most say goodbye to EVE.

With connivance of CCP officials the misbehavior players feel their full right to do anything they want with anyone who can't fight them back. And that spoils the game for many players a lot.

There is a kind of security system, but it does not work how it should. It does not punish or restrict the criminal activity. It just sets fee for the crimes. For example, your crime activity will cost you your ship and if you have enough money you can spoil the game to anyone in any way you want.

If we tell "EVE Online it's like a real, it's hardcore game", in real life it would look like a terrorist in the heart of city with a flamethrower. He flames the cars, the shops, the people. A police officer stops the terrorist, writes him straw 10 USD, confiscates the flamethrower, solutes the terrorist  and goes about his business on. The terrorist pays that fee, goes to the shop, buys a new flamethrower, reloads it and starts burn again. He also loot the the burned corpses, so he always have enough money to buy new weapons and pay the straws.

Is it hardcore or connivance of the crime in fact?

Such mechanics also make a misbehave to a business. For example you can hit the cargo ship in High Secs, that will cost a ship to you. But your ship costs 100kk ISK and the cargo of the downed ship costs 2kkk. you have 1,9kkk profit.

In real life such “hardcore” would look like that. the robber steals 100 000 USD from the Bank, at the exit from the Bank he is detained by the police. Officer imposes a fee of 1000 USD to the robber, salutes and let him go. Naturally, the robber will pay his fee, earning a net 99 000 USD. Profit!

Absurd, don’t you think?

And that spoils the game for many players, at least to those who can’t fight them back. But even on Wild West or with Medieval “club law” any healthy human community tries to exclude out of it or to put under control deviant people who spoils life to the community.

If we speak about “EVE is hardcore game”, in real life such people are unwelcomed and can be killed or executed or put in jail or excommunicated in any way out of the community. In EVE capsuleers have no such opportunities.

We can’t kill immortal capsuleers or fight them forever.

We can’t isolate them - they are welcomed by the EVE Game Directions with their full connivance.

We can’t always seek for protection from the more powerful gangs, it is not the way. That makes the game to the second job, because high organized corps demand discipline, subordination, fee, CTA, to be online when the Corp need you and so on. Some players fine with that, some don’t.

And we do not want to leave the game. Why should we?

So we need another solution.

To improve the game experience of PVE players we kindly ask to CCP Direction and Dev Team to implement the following:

  • Stalking, bullying, humiliating are unacceptable in any healthy human community. Are CCP and EVE community savages? We do not think so. Thereby there should be a politics of control and punishment for deviant behavior of people  who likes to stalking, bullying, humiliating another people. At least in High Sec Space. We think it’s fair enough.
  • Suicide attack must become unprofitable and unwelcomed. Please design a punishment politics for criminal behavior in High Secs. The current system is not punishment it’s just fee for crimes. To huld the new EVE Players in the game there should be some safe inveronment in High Secs. We do not talk about forbiding the Sucide mechanics in High Secs, but we kindly ask to increase risks for such activity. There are Low, NULL, WH and Abyss for PVP without limits.
  • Please design encouraging and promotion system for Honor PVP. It’s not a secret that PVP in EVE looks like 50 cruisers kick one frigate miner. Maybe if the game encourage honor fight, some players would try to have it instead of ambushing and overblobbing each other. It could be profitable or allow the honor fighter learn skills faster or have some achievements. We don’t mind the dishonored PVP, but it’s shame to see that the people with no honor dominate in EVE. We believe PVP in EVE can be more interesting than 10 armed gangsters vs one unarmed miner.

We believe that the proposed measures will improve the game experience for all players in the end and make New Eden more friendly place for capsuleers, old and new. We also open to your feedback and will be glad to discuss and assist in new mechanics development and implementation.

Thank you for your time and fly safe o7

Sincerely yours Phaeton Chieve and all who signed this petition.

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