Keep Highland Ave Residential

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For over a century, New Castle PA has been rightfully proud of its industry, history, and beautiful structures.  That balance was and is important. 

 But, while available property and storefronts sit vacant throughout the city, an out-of-town developer seeks to change that balance by destroying a historically designated building in order to place a 9,100sqft Dollar General in what is a residential neighborhood.

 The change would negatively affect the community and city as a whole:

·        - decreased values for residential properties

·         -the increased potential for crime

·         -the increased traffic on an already busy and dangerous hill

·         -the increased noise and lighting

·         -the lack of quality food that would be sold there - no fresh produce or meat

·         -the precedent for additional big box store businesses to move in to residential neighborhoods

·         -the lack of need for another Dollar General in an area that is overflowing with dollar stores all greatly outweigh any tax benefits. 

The number of reasons to prevent this proposal are numerous and additional concerns are being raised by residents constantly. 

New Castle Planning Commission held a meeting on June 6, 2018 and voted unanimously to NOT recommend this proposal to City Council.  But, City Council will make the final decision this Thursday, June 28th.  We need your help, now! 

Many homeowners in the immediate area have voiced concern at City Council meetings. Please support those who are being directly influenced by this decision. In a town overrun with dollar stores, we should not have to give up a residential neighborhood for another one. 

The vote is this Thursday at 6:30pm at New Castle City Council chambers. Please express your support in our struggle by signing our petition and attending the meeting if possible.  We want to make New Castle a wonderful place to live, but we need your help. 

Thank you.