New Canaan: Reallocate Taxpayer Dollars into the Community

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To the New Canaan Police Department, Police Commission, and Town Council:

  1. Defund the NCPD, invest in the community
    1. Invest in Mental Health Programs under HHS
      1. Fill the gap left by 211 services by providing on-call social workers for mental health crisis calls and mental wellness checks
    2. Reform Substance Reduction Initiative and move to HHS
      1. Hire full-time HHS staff to be stationed at NCHS as a preventative measure to provide mental health counseling, substance abuse counseling, and recovery resources
  2. Immediate Termination of SRO's and stop the push for K9's in New Canaan schools
    1. The presence of SRO's and possible K9 drug searches in schools focuses on punitive measures rather than preventative measures. Students would be better served by receiving HHS services aforementioned in point 1.2.1.
  3. Terminate the Civilian Police Academy
    1. The Civilian Police Academy encourages community members to act as if they are involved in law enforcement, could lead to aggressive and possibly lethal use of force by members of the community against members of the community i.e. Trayvon Martin and Ahmaud Arbery
  4. Make internal police investigations public
    1. Put in place policy that would require any police internal investigations to be made public
    2. Demand that all police officers who have killed or brutalized, be fired
  5. Implement official protocol to exhaust all alternatives before use of force
    1. Increase frequency of occurence and requirements for de-escalation training
  6. Increase racial bias training from outside resources, increase hours required and frequency of occurence
    1. the 10% increase in Black and Latinx traffic stops out of all stops in New Canaan from 2013-2018 shows that the current racial and implicit bias training is failing