Install Cameras at Waveny Park In New Canaan

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We, the citizens and taxpayers of New Canaan and users of the Waveny Park, request that video surveillance cameras be installed throughout Waveny Park. 

Cameras are essential at key points along the walking/running trails, specifically in the following areas: i) on the trails that run parallel to the Merritt Highway; ii) on the trails that run parallel to South Avenue; and iii) at the Lapham Road entrance.

There are have been a number of concerning and, frankly, scary incidents that have occurred in recent history, the two most prominent being the verbal assault of a young jogger which occurred on October 31, 2017, and now the presence of an abandoned car owned by a missing woman, both of which transpired at the Lapham Road entrance.  In addition, at least six cars reportedly have been broken into in the past year at the Lapham Road entrance. 

We advocate that personal safety is a greater priority over any individual privacy concerns, for there should be no expectation of privacy in a public space.

We acknowledge that a taxpayer cost will arise from installing such security infrastructure, and we accept that cost as we know our Town officials will administer this project within reason.

There has been historical debate around which Town department would manage such cameras and their footage; specifically, whether the Parks & Recreation Department or the Police Department is the appropriate commission to manage this undertaking.  We leave those decisions to our Town officials to determine in an expedited fashion.

We urge you to consider the installation of video surveillance cameras as soon as possible.