List of Canadians against Mandatory Vaccination!

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Only sign if you are a Canadian!  

In Canada, we are free to make decisions for ourselves and our children.  

Currently, that right is being slowly taken away.  Provinces are ignoring our rights to informed consent on pharmaceutical products, that includes vaccines.  The right to choose should never be removed.

If they mandated the flu shot for all Canadians, will you agree?  

If your answer to the above question is no, then you do not support mandatory vaccination.  

Once they get this passed for education, they will continue to build on this until it is you who is forced to accept one you do not want.

Under the Canadian Charter, no government, organization or person, has the right to enforce mandatory vaccination.

Please sign this petition to show the media and government the actual percentage of Canadians who are against mandatory vaccination laws.  Enough with the opinion polls.


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