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Drop Charges on Rescuer for 6th Degree Larceny & Interfering w/an Officer

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Lauri Buccieri, a CT Animal Rescuer, arrested for saving a severely neglected 16 year old dog!

To all who have been following the "Halo" case,

I wanted to inform all of you about the true injustice that has recently taken place! Last Thursday, September 13, 2012 Lauri Buccieri ( of the former group “Friends of New Britain Animal Control” (FONBAC) was arrested on a warrant that was issued by the New Britain Animal Control in regards to the severely neglected 16 year old Husky mix that she found in a intersection on July 19th named “Halo”. First I would like it to be made perfectly clear that I am not bashing the New Britain Police Department in anyway. I was told by Lauri that Chief Wardwell (our new Chief) and the 2 officers that processed her were very polite and respectful. She turned herself in at about 7:30 p.m. on Thursday after speaking with Chief Wardwell over the phone, at that time she found out that he was not aware of any neglect on Halo, none of the information or pictures of the neglect were included in the report he received from the ACO.

Since July 21st, Lauri and her rescue partner involved with Halo’s rehab had been requesting Officer Russo to press charges against this family for the severe neglect of this senior Husky mix, who had realized after 2 days that their dog was no longer in their back yard . She had very little movement of her back legs due to a degenerative spine issue, a collapsed ear due to an untreated hematoma years prior, an infected ulcer in each eye leading to partial blindness, emaciated, and riddled with fleas like they have never seen before. They were told by the vet that all of these issues were treatable at one time!

In the following weeks, Lauri and her partner continually asked Officer Russo how they might go about pressing charges against the family. They were also asking for his help to get Halo signed over to them, as well as offering to show him the pictures that they had taken over the next few days after finding her (which he declined to see). They were told by Officer Russo that he did go to the family’s home to “talk” to them and told Lauri and her partner that the house and yard were not in good condition and even made the comment “I wouldn’t want to live there”. In days to follow, for some reason Officer Russo apparently decided to hand the “case” over to one of the covering ACO’s / Officers (Tina Floyd) who told Lauri that she needed to give Halo back to the owner asap! Long story short, she now finds herself arrested for “6TH Degree Larceny” and “Interfering with an officer”! Now the family that has neglectedthis dog for 13+ years had the rescuer who saved her life, arrested. It seems to be that the law is working in favor of the neglectful/abusive family, instead of the rescuers who saved her life.

As many of you know, there has been a long standing battle between the City of New Britain and FONBAC members due to the previous neglect evidence collected by FONBAC on the dogs that had been impounded at the New Britain Pound. This has since created bad blood between the two parties.

An investigation was never done on Halo’s behalf, and a written statement was never asked of Lauri, her partner or the vet who treated Halo. How can a warrant be issued and an arrest be made without an investigation being done, especially when she explained the severe neglect of this dog? If you were an officer, wouldn’t you be interested in the pictures they took? Or hearing from the vet that treated her? CLEARLY this is nothing short of a RETALIATION move made by the New Britain Animal Control Department!! As I said in the beginning, this is not an attack against Chief Wardwell or Mayor O’Brien. I actually feel sorry for them that they have to deal with such an incompetent Animal Control Division…it must be quite embarrassing, BUT I have no doubt in my mind that with the new administration, they will hopefully see the light that there is something truly wrong with this Department!

Lauri’s scheduled court date is Thursday, September 27th 9:30 a.m. at New Britain Superior Courthouse. We are asking everyone that can make it to the courthouse in support of Lauri to please wear a red t-shirt.
Thank you in advance,


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