Require on-duty police officers to use body-worn cameras in New Bedford.

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To the New Bedford Police Department, 

We demand change.

The people of New Bedford are devastated by and terrified of the ongoing examples of police-inflicted violence across the country. We ask the city of New Bedford to take an active role in creating a transparent justice system to protect our community. On-duty police officers should be required to use body-worn cameras at all times. We are asking you to publicize your stance on body-worn cameras and disclose if/how you plan to implement them. 

According to the National Institute of Justice, the use of body-worn cameras is shown to:

1. Drastically decrease police-brutality. 

2. Promote transparency and accountability in the police department. 

3. Assess accuracy of the nature of events articulated by officers and community members. 

4. Improve community relationships with law enforcement. 

We are asking you to uphold the standard of service that is advertised on the New Bedford Police Department website. Your mission statement reads that New Bedford police officers are "Highly trained and dedicated professionals, serving our community with respect and empathy." The empathy and respect we NEED is the acknowledgment that systematic racism is an urgent issue in law enforcement. We are asking you to do your part by holding New Bedford police officers accountable for enforcing the law with nothing but righteous intentions.