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A brewery partnership with the University of Cincinnati. For the fans, and for our city.

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Purdue, Tulane, Colorado State. All of the aforementioned schools range from good to great institutions of higher learning. They also all have one thing in common-they have made a choice to embrace a new opportunity and partner with a local brewery to find a new avenue to grow their brand. Even our southern neighbors, NKU, have chosen to develop a beer and biergarten with a local powerhouse brewery, Braxton Brewing Company.

Such partnerships offer a new, innovative, and creative way to rally the existing fan base, and reach potentially new customers that frequent a local brewery but who don’t yet have a tie to the school that shares the name of the city.

The University of Cincinnati is an entity that embraces being on the cutting edge of almost everything. It’s a school that challenges the norm, and has proven to be an integral part of the Greater Cincinnati Community. However, when it comes to UC’s stated view on alcohol partnerships it isn’t just archaic, it is almost flat out hypocritical.

Many UC alumni, students, and fans are aware of the school being very protective of the brand and ‘C Paw’. This is in most cases a good position to take when it comes building a brand, especially one that involves a school that is continually on the rise such as UC. UC’s branding department typically does a great job enhancing the brand, and we shouldn’t forget that. 

However, over protectiveness can lead to missing big opportunities. Protecting to a fault and refusing to stray one iota from traditional thought processes is never a formula for growth or success.

Cincinnati is home to a proud brewing history stemming back into the 1800’s. Local breweries before the invention of refrigeration literally built their brewery cellars into the hills of Clifton. Think about that, the very hill that our awesome school sits on, still has existing brewing cellars built right into it. That’s incredible. It is something that can be celebrated and connected to the University of Cincinnati as an integral part of Cincinnati’s history.

Martin Ludwig recently stated that it is a long-standing tradition that UC does not partner with alcohol and tobacco products. With respect to the good work that the branding department does-this statement does not carry much validity to it. The University of Cincinnati is one of a handful of schools to sell beer at sporting events, and has a ‘wet’ campus policy, Heck there are Miller Lite and Bud Light neon signs that feature the signature C Paw in bars all across the TriState and that you can actually buy online at this very moment. At one point there was even a Coors Light billboard with none other than the C Paw adorned next to the blue mountain.

Local brewing companies (hey there, Mad Tree) have hinted publicly via twitter that they would LOVE to do a partnership with UC, but that the school has shown zero interest due to the previously stated prohibition era-style policy. 

What this petition is asking is for you to request the University of Cincinnati. President Pinto, and Martin Ludwig to start an open and honest dialogue about a possible brewing partnership. Such a partnership would not harm the brand as evidenced by other top ranked schools partnering with local breweries to tell a story about shared heritage and their respective school. 

The University of Cincinnati is missing a major opportunity to not only tap into the history of the very ground the school is built on, but to also engage potentially new fans of UC. This beer is going to appeal to the very intellectual minds UC spends millions of dollars on trying to attract every year as graduate students, professors, staff, and parents of soon-to-be college bound seniors 

If you want to see a partnership happen between the University of Cincinnati and a local brewery we encourage you to sign, and share this petition. We love our school, and now we want to see a new and innovative way to continue to spread our incredible story to others.

Thank you.

(Picture shown above is a concept created by Twitter user @dezyhume. It's awesome. Hopefully UC Administration will think so as well!)

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