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Allow the dump site cats to be helped.

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Recently Mayor Greeley denied Scaredy Cat Rescues request to help the cats and kittens in the local dump. They want to provide TNR to the cats before they make even more babies. The Mayor's stance was that the privately owned company would not allow SCR on site. However the company has said they would be more then happy to allow this, as well as to put up shelters and feeding stations for the cats. Mayor Greeley is not only stopping any form of help to be sent in for these cats, but now he has directed that company employees can no longer feed the cats themselves. Also any new garbage coming into the site must be immediately covered, so any food they may be able to scrounge for is also denied to them. So he is literally sentencing them to death by starvation!!

The Mayor has also stated that these cats are pests!!!! These are not pests, these are cats who are living at the dump due to no fault of their own. 

Some of these kitties can be rehomed because they were abandoned by their owners. Some however are wild and would need to be returned to the dump site after spay and neutering was done. The Mayor says that's not acceptable, and that nobody can do anything to help these poor cats. Just let them starve....
Send a clear message to the Mayor and his minions that this is NOT ACCEPTABLE!! These cats need help now. 

The condition of the kitten pictured above is as follows :

Little Olivia is emaciated and weak. She appears to be starving to death, no interest in grooming herself or normal kitten activity. Her ears were chock full of debris and mite dirt. She is at Animal Health now for a check up. 

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