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Reasonable proposal to mod 12b changes

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Okay heres an agreement proposal in response to all the backlash of the changes to mod 12b.
Please focus more on fixing bugs over making new cotent.
Perform better testing on new content. At least 3 months on the test server and give everyone on the test server free limited time access to the newly changed items.

For bondings is 100%(reducing by 10% for each rank under 10 down to 50% at old rank 7 now rank 5) per stone but can only share buffs from the highest one and eldrich is 50% (reducing by 5% for each rank under 10 down to 5% at old rank 3 now rank 1) per stone and can share buffs for all 3
Make compaions get more out of there own stats making them useful in combat rather than just a stat feeder. As well as make the augment buffed stats sharable.
Companions get role scores to make them a viable asset in combat
Allow random queue for all dungeons you qualify for.
Make enchantments only 1 to 10 100 stats at rank 1 and 1000 stats at rank 10 evenly distributed through the ranks ie rank 5 is 500.

For example:

Old rank 3 is now rank 1 all the way up to max (rank old 12 = new 10). Since rank 1 and 2 are completely irrelivant even in the beggining of the game.

Radiant example:

Rank 1 = 100 power

Rank 2 = 200 power

Rank 3 = 300 power

Rank 4 =400 power

Rank 5 = 500 power

Rank 6 = 600 power

Rank 7 = 700 power

Rank 8 = 800 power

Rank 9 = 900 power

Rank 10 = 1000 power

All rank 1 and 2s currently in circulation will be converted into white and black pearls.

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