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The BP oil spill is now the greatest environmental catastrophe this country has ever faced. We need your help to stop oil spills from killing any more birds, turtles, whales or other wildlife.

On the Gulf Coast, at least twenty national wildlife refuges and forty endangered species will be negatively impacted. Most migratory birds in the Western Hemisphere use these marshes as a stopover site. Endangered species such as the brown pelican, least tern, and the piping plover are breeding and nesting along this vulnerable coast. Sperm whales, manatees, sea turtles, and gulf sturgeon swim in the coastal waters. 

Stronger protections are needed to ensure that we never again have an oil disaster devastate our nation's oceans, beaches and wildlife.

Sign the Petition to Interior Secretary Salazar to save wildlife and their habitat from deadly and dangerous oil spills.

Letter to
Department of the Interior Interior Secretary Salazar
As an American, I am appalled by the BP oil spill disaster and the impact to the Gulf Coast's fisheries, wetlands and wildlife. This massive gushing oil spill will devastate endangered species and important wildlife habitat for years to come. At least twenty national wildlife refuges and forty endangered species managed by your Department will be negatively impacted.

This tragedy has demonstrated the unacceptable risks of oil exploration off our coasts. Please stop the Department of the Interior's continued practice of exempting or fast-tracking dangerous new drilling operations from environmental review. Please ensure that all offshore oil drilling is researched and reviewed by the scientific experts at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and NOAA Fisheries. The Endangered Species Act requires consultation with the expert wildlife agencies concerning any agency action that may affect any threatened or endangered species. This is a powerfully constructive tool that can help prevent and prepare for the type of disaster presently gripping the Gulf ecosystem.

Please initiate a full scientific review of the short and long-term consequences of the oil, hydro-carbons and dispersants on threatened, endangered and other species. There are approximately forty threatened and endangered species that live or migrate through the Gulf region. Many like the Kemp's Ridley Sea turtle are critically endangered. Others like the Brown Pelican were on the path towards recovery. We urgently request that there is a thorough review and re-evaluation of recovery plans for these species in the Gulf. The Fish and Wildlife Service must develop stronger recovery actions for impacted species.

In addition, we feel it imperative that you request a percentage of BP fines go towards Endangered Species recovery. There needs to be funding and programs set up now to begin the necessary long term monitoring and recovery of the Gulf Coast ecosystem.

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