#Never Again: Bring security back to our schools

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I am writing this petition in regards to the most recent mass school shooting that happened on Feb. 14th, 2018.  Enough is enough.  I feel it is time that the nation as a whole becomes united on the fact that we need to increase our security measures at every school across the country.  Lets face it, school shootings are becoming more and more common lately.  In fact, there have been a total of 18 school shootings in just 31 days of school in 2018 alone!  I am pretty sure most of America is not even aware of this.  We need to have the law makers locally, hear our voices by the power of petition.  We must exercise our right to make change.  If we do not try, then we are not part of the solution but rather part of the problem.

Solution:  Now I am not going to say this is the end all be all solution but rather a starting point.  I am suggesting any and/or all of the following:  1.  Every school have a minimum of 1 armed guard on duty at all times.  If we can hire armed guards to protect our money at banks and high end retail stores we should be able to have armed guards to protect our children.  2. All schools across the country must have a mandated, active shooter plan implemented and practiced.  3.  Installion of metal detectors at school entrances and organize a school watch volunteer/PTA perimeter patrol program.  4.  Implement a nationwide fire arms credit score qualification program based on mental stability, background record, age and other factors TBD.  A little inconvenience is worth the peace of mind our children deserve.

In order for this petition to be viewed by local township officials, we need 150 signatures within the first 30 days.  In order for a response from the white house, we will need 100,000 signatures within this same time period.  I feel that this can be achieved if we all come together.  Please help and support this cause.  If someone could get 30,000 signatures in 36 hours to bring back a Family Guy character (Brian Griffin), then we should be able to get 100,000 signature to protect our children.  

Gun Control could be improved but it will never stop a bad person with bad intentions.  The only way you stop a bad guy with a firearm is increased security measures, mental health awareness and protection.  Country First and Political Party Second.  Somehow, the two have been reversed recently.  Lets start changing that by signing this petition.  Thank you for your support!  Being a former member of the United States Marine Corp, I understand Freedom is not free.  We must all make small sacrifices.  A signature is the least that we can all do.  I am hoping to get the signatures I need and present this to someone who's social media hold is far beyond mine to help spread the word.  Please help.  Thank you.

P.S.  Below is a link that will direct you to a page that you can purchase #SCHOOL LIVES MATTER apparel.  If interested in purchasing, please click on the link.  If I am able to raise enough money, I plan on putting it towards school security in my local school district.


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