Stop the mileage tax Bill 483

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Bill AB483 passed and is set to take effect October 1st 2019. This bill would require Nevadans to give odometer readings so that more taxes could potentially be raised to fund roadways. The state of Nevada already pays for roadways at the pump, one third of what is paid goes to the roadways. If the money going to the roads is not being used appropriately then the step is to look at the mismanagement of the money, not potentially tax more. We need to preserve our privacy and protect those that live in rural areas that must commute. Hunters, ranchers, off road enthusiasts and people who enjoy driving as a hobby would be having to sacrifice the joy of traveling to these locations. Nevada has open lands so that offroading and these activities can be enjoyed. Many people would stop going because they can not afford the tax.This is an invasion of privacy and the government being too overbearing on it it's people. Please sign the petition to let lawmakers know that Nevadans do not need their government to invade their constitutional rights. We need lawmakers to make better choices for the people without restricting the pursuit of happiness or taxation of hobbies and recreation of the BLM lands.WE THE PEOPLE!!