Stop the Endangered Wildlife Trade in Nevada

Sharks are threatened globally from overfishing and the shark fin trade to supply the luxury dish shark fin soup.  The increased demand is causing populations of large sharks to crash which in turn impacts the health and the balance of ocean ecosystems. Like elephant ivory, this demand is driving many species of sharks towards extinction. 

The exotic wildlife trade in Nevada is threatening many species of animals from elephants to sharks. Oregon, Washington and California all have laws protecting exotic wildlife from trade of their body parts. Senate Bill 194 prohibits the purchase, sale or possession with intent to sell any item in this State that a person knows or should know contains or is, wholly or partially, made of an animal part or byproduct derived from any species of elephant, rhinoceros, whale, tiger, lion, leopard, cheetah, jaguar, pangolin, sea turtle, shark, ray, mammoth, narwhal, walrus or hippopotamus. Full text of SB 194 is here.

Shark finning is illegal in US waters, but fins from sharks finned on the high seas, caught illegally or unsustainably by other nations can still be imported into most US states and then sold domestically and exported overseas. Many countries do not have laws against shark finning laws, or like Mexico do not enforce them, threatening migratory species including endangered hammerhead sharks. Shark finners or other illegal, unregulated or unreported shark fisheries are profiting by trading through US ports. Help stop the slaughter by reducing the demand for this unnecessary luxury and helping halt the shark fin trade.

Las Vegas is a major destination of tourism including exotic foods and shark fin trade and consumption is the highest in the USA.  Please add your voice and support SB 194 and help Shark Stewards protect endangered and threatened wildlife. Learn more at

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