Allow OHVs on Nevada public roads

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Under current Nevada law, OHVs such as ATVs and UTVs are not legally allowed to drive on public roads. I hope to show the Nevada legislators the many benefits of legalizing off-highway vehicles for street use. 

1. Lower barrier to entry for purchasers of OHVs. Residents of Nevada would not need to purchase a trailer and towing vehicle alongside their OHV just to get to the trails.

2. Increased tax revenue for the state in OHV registrations, as well as sales tax on the increased purchasing of OHVs.

3. Great benefit to the Nevada economy overall in job creation and increased tourism. When Arizona legalized OHVs for street-legal use, they saw a dramatic $3 billion increase to their economy.

"In a statewide example, a study by Arizona State University in 2002, showed a direct impact to the state’s economy of roughly $3 billion due to the OHV law. The study also revealed that more than 36,900 jobs were created resulting in $1.1 billion of household income and $187 million in state tax revenues." -

Please sign this petition today so that Nevada legislators can see that the citizens of Nevada would love for OHVs to be street legal on regular public roads.