Petition NIAA to Allow Spring Sports and Activities to Continue into Summer

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Aharon Williams
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Due to the need for physical distancing to reduce the spread of Covid19, high school sports have been put on hold for the protection of our youth. This petition is to promote the rescheduling of high school sports to allow athletes to participate in their events into the summer. 

As of now, the NIAA has suspended Spring Sports and Activities and said they will not allow activities to continue past the end of the school year. Instead, we would like the NIAA to extend spring season sports into summer break allowing school teams and high school athletes the opportunity to participate in as much of a full season as possible.  

All student athletes, especially those in their junior and senior seasons, are missing out on the competition experiences, health benefits, social interactions, and memories associated with high school athletics and activities. While the traditional spring season cannot be given back to them, the opportunity to participate in a more traditional length season can be provided.  

While we can agree that physical distancing is important to reduce the spread of this virus, an eventual return to normalcy, empowering healthy relationships, team camaraderie, and physical activities are going to be paramount to rebuilding self esteem and increasing positivity. 

We have an opportunity to give our youth something to look forward to and embrace. Join me in petitioning the NIAA to give back to our high schoolers the season our youth are so broken over missing.