LasVegas/ClarkCounty "Lack of Justice" system that railroads citizens needs URGENT REFORMS

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If you or anyone you know have been RAILROADED by the "Lack of Justice" system or experienced law-breaking officers committing police-brutality (illegal search & seizure / psychological or physical warfare / framed or planted evidence / murder / Amendment violations / Corruption or collusion by one or more parties) or unethical behavior of anyone nefariously abusing their power, oftentimes racially motivated (like the Michael Bennett incidence....and I suspect some 'long arm' Vegas Powers are now trying to railroad him in the mysterious 15-months later 'felony' charge indictment for allegedly bumping an elderly lady while excitingly running onto the field to celebrate w/ his Championship-victorious brother) please sign this & briefly describe ANY atrocity/atrocities committed against you (or someone you know) in the 'comment section'. PLS> DONATE $$$ so this platform can show this petition to more ppl OR offer your expert services to HELP.

THESE VEGAS POWERS RUN DEEP...unfortunately much corruption & collusion
HOW DID THINGS GO THIS FAR & GET THIS BAD ??? Our rights vanish daily.


  • Have you seen the court on the 17th floor that our SonicLaborersAndVisualEntertainers Union calls "Unlawful Tribunal" "Defacto Court" "Kangaroo Court"? - Joe Boneventure's court had ZERO U.S. FLAGS (federal requirement?) & there was only a display of an extensively outdated occupancy permit from 2011 Also: Was there a $200,000.00 grant for that court to help homeless & possibly misappropriated to brutalize public performers instead? The experience there is very strange...
  • Have you seen the movie ""? (now streaming on AMAZON PRIME as a 'recommended viewing' of this Award-winning movie. LVMPD intimidated/railroaded 'Eclipse' Theatre to cancel the movie's screening, which currently is scheduled at AMC Rainbow. In that immensely revelatory movie, it shows Undersheriff Kevin McCahill having previously been under fire & stepping away from power due to the 'vagina-man' label received from an attempt to gain 'vagina'-views of a 'detainee' in exchange for promising her release. BUT NOW he is 2nd in command? Confusing....
  • Have you been to a lower court hearing in which, for example, Judge says 'case dismissed'. Then the Public Defender walks over to the Prosecuting Attorney & whispers something and before you know it....suddenly mysteriously 'case re-opened' ? Wow...I never thought this is possible
  • Have you been the victim in a car crash, but the cop arrives & gives you BOTH a ticket --- EVEN WITHOLDING THE EVIDENCE THAT THE OTHER DRIVER RECEIVED A DUI? Incredible!
  • Did you know the following are all CRIMINALIZED: a) sitting on your skateboard on a public sidewalk (happened to my friend Chong-they said 'make shift seating' is imprisonable) b) 'defacing a hamburger' (I thought this was not 'real' but when s.b. I know ordered a hamburger on FREMONT w/ 'no pickles/no mayo' but they put pickles on it anyway, so when he opened the wrapper he said 'oh I said no pickles' & he flicked the pickle into a garbage can & WAS TACKLED BY 2 COPS & TAKEN TO JAIL c) 'attempted jaywalking' - You stand on the edge of the sidewalk and lose your balance for 1/2 sec. & your big toe touches the road for a brief moment..guess what? YOU ARE GOING TO JAIL d) 'interrupting the flight of a pigeon' (I really thought this one was a joke until a ladyfriend told me that while she was in a public park and pigeons were flying at her head & she waived her hands to try get them away-a cop yelled at her "better get away from those birds-or I'm taking you to jail for INTERUPTING THE FLIGHT OF A PIGEON")
  • NOW I understand they may be trying to pass a law that would criminalize tying your shoe-laces on the STRIP - not a big surprise if this is true (I have not had the research opportunity to confirm this)
  • short...If any of us citizens even as little as breathe wrong...take our stuff & throw us in jail.....bbbbbbbut these law-officers who have sworn to 'protect & serve' and 'uphold the constitution' can literally defecate on the constitution/court-orders/laws & even make up 'phantom-laws'/terrorize us/murder us.....all with virtually NO CONSEQUENCES??? Why? Shouldn't that have disappeared with 1960's Russia/1936 Italy/1942 Germany


NOW: The photo above is from Aug.11th,2017, right after something called the 'C2' got implemented - which as I understand it, puts 'public performers' in the SAME CATEGORY AS HOOKERS/PIMPS/DRUG DEALERS!!! WOW!

Public Performers are singers/musicians/magicians/hero & cartoon costumed characters/showgirls/angels etc. - basically the same thing that Casino-showroom headliners like 'Jabbawockeez' 'Penn&Teller' 'Chris Angel' 'Kevin Lepine' 'Cirque du Soleil' 'Blue Man Group' started out as. The photo shows part of the absurdity. They threw up to 30 ppl into a large PattyWagon - The 2 females in black dresses you see in handcuffs, for example, were arrested & thrown in jail, just because they were 'known public performers' (showgirls). 'C2' apparently allows cops to just arrest without cause & rob the person of all their belongings & cash. This happened to me TWICE already (approx. $35k-$55k + in 'tools of the trade'-mostly showgirl & angel & hero & cartoon costumes + $831 cash)

BTW - 'They' also sent 'Terrorist Prevention Cops' to shake me down & intimidate about 1 week before my 10.20.18 'Lechner vs. State of NV' ruling in my favor, likely in anticipation of the court ruling in their favor (something they are used to). These Terrorist cops said that they had reports of me wanting to 'hurt & stalk cops' and that 'I followed cops home to stalk them'-to which I replied ' I'm deathly scared of these abusive cops bbbbbut I'm gonna follow them home...for real???...with my personalized license plates & very distinctive they can actually have a valid reason to beat me up/murder me/plant fake evidence/torture me or if! And let's keep in mind that cops have both dash cams & body cams (which, of course, only work when it's beneficial for we know very well that if it's incriminating footage...what happens? The footage always mysteriously disappears or malfunctions. So If I followed & stalked cops - IT WOULD CERTAINLY BE ON VIDEOTAPE. But hey - nobody ever said that LVMPD is NOT THE BEST AT THE INTIMIDATION GAME.

EXTRA EXTRA ! Costumes have seemingly made it on the 'most dangerous terrorism' list. #1) Alkaida #2)Isis #3)Illegal Costumes --- wtfffff???

What's next - Bring the Patty wagon w/ your paramilitary troopers armed for WW3 & w/ machine guns cocked yell 'illegal cheese/illegal buns/illegal lettuce' to the fry cooks & throw them on the ground + take all their belongings & imprison them?

And guess what happened when I filed a court motion to hold LVMPD in contempt of court for ignoring and defying the 10.20.18 "Lechner vs. State of NV" my 4+ months court case ruling in which the honorable William D. Janson decreed that officers O'Connell and Owensby (of CCAC - a police station on Swenson & Sierra Vista which when you look it up on google is 75% to 100% funded by the Las Vegas Strip Casinos....confounding : isn't there a federal requirement for PD stations to require a large %age PUBLIC and/or federal funding???) repeatedly LIED UNDER OATH. So when the same officer, while I was at the tail-end of partaking in a federally protected union-labor protest, ran up on me & a handful of other hero-costumed characters, he & his terrorizing crew of approx. 10 additional armed thugs SIMPLY DID EXACTLY THE SAME THING THEY WERE TOLD IN JUSTICE COURT WAS INCORRECT: Cite us for exact duplicate "obstruction of sidewalk" & (claiming they had proof - which will be determined to be a DUPLICATE LIE just as in the previous incident & ruling). Then they extorted statements from the other heroes that if they wrote a statement about me "They won't have to go to jail" & "Their ticket will be tore up" (even the 2 individuals who had warrants...smh) as they have targeted me as a 'triple-threat' to their nefarious agenda: 1)public performer 2)costume rental caterer 3)Union & Civil Rights Activist.

I filed the 'contempt of court' via Justice Court & D.A. office (The ladies working the counter in the D.A. office were reading my Motion like the funniest Dennis Miller or Jay Leno commentary, basically just rolling in laughter. I responded with my own witty sarcasm "Wow-there seems to be one constant: ALL OF YOU PPL IN POWER OR ADMINISTRATION SEEM TO BE DEEPLY AMUSED BY OUR PAIN OF GETTING VICTIMIZED & BRUTALIZED BY 'BAD COPS' & this 'LACK OF JUSTICE system'---JUST SOOO AMUSING TO SEE PPL FIGHT FOR THEIR RIGHTS & GETTING RAILROADED---AS LONG AS IT'S NOT YOU, RIIIIIGHT?" The motion was heard by Judge Karen P. Bennett-Haron who, quite frankly, seemed like a nice lady who was clearly overwhelmed by the lack of tools provided to her for ANYONE to get JUSTICE HERE. And when I asked her "How are law-abiding citizens subject to unlawful police-brutality supposed to get ANY justice here?"after she simply stated 'this was NOT her jurisdiction' she let this little expression slip out 'WELCOME TO LAS VEGAS' a statement which sent gasps & chills throughout the court room BUT IT GIVES US AN INDICATION OF THE DEEPLY CONCERNING 'STATE OF AFFAIRS' (didn't even make sense to me as this was JUSTICE COURT & the previous verdict the cops violated was in the same court......oh well - I refiled the Motion requesting the same original Judge - so we'll see what happens there April 17th 7.30am).

Anyway, in direct retaliation for 'daring' to file a court motion against 'bad cops' - 7 days later I got a summons where I'm being prosecuted for 'Doing business in a right-of-way' (an incidence where they accosted me on the 5th floor of a pvt. parking garage (w/ 3 'lights-flashing' cop cars as if we're dealing w/ Bank Robbers or Violent Gang activity----no! we are PUBLIC PERFORMERS just like Penn & Teller and Chris Angel were!) to which I have monthly membership to /// they used the 'ruse' that somebody reported that I am not a licensed business & as soon as I started producing copies of my 4 different business licenses, they quickly shifted gears & put my fellow superheroes & myself in handcuffs / force-sat me & possibly one other guy into a half-gallon of urine in the backseat of the police car / committed international human rights violations & illegal search and seizure of over $30k in costumes & took $800 cash from us and put it into their pants pockets as well as false imprison us. They also ransacked my 2002 GMC Savannah extended van / breaking a window hinge & leaving the vehicle unsecured and empty - they even took all my cel. phone adapters/chargers & silicone breast insert enhancers for girls/safety pins/superglue/duct tape/panties/they even destroyed my 6-drawer utility chest I had installed & the parking garage security at the time informed me that they also discarded $2k of large storage containers into the thrash. It's TRULY SCARY OUT HERE.

They have crippled 95% of my business & what I've been doing to survive is liquidate assets such as cars & I may be forced to sell real-estate just to financially survive.

I KNOW AND THEY KNOW THAT IS MY/OUR CONSTITUTIONALLY SUPPORTED RIGHT TO PUBLICALLY PERFORM UNDER 1ST AMENDMENT RIGHTS TO COMMUNICATE W/ THE PUBLIC. But what can I/we do? They keep robbing us of our cash & property (4th Amendment violation), and after 4 IAB complaints & 20 local FBI office complaints rendered zero replies in 6+ months - what can we do? We cannot even dare going on the STRIP at all as they are simply witch-hunting any public performers or even worse, 'known performers' & then they brutalize us (public humiliation being in handcuffs/stripping some of us to our underwear/playing us like ping-pong balls w/ ONE cop saying "you gotta move at all times-or I'll take your to jail" then 30 sec. later his partner shouting opposing command "You gotta stay stationary or I will take you to jail". I'm surprised they haven't shot or murdered one or more of us - especially w/ that illegal officer 'Lopero' choke-hold which they ironically used on 'Reese' on the pedestrian overpass PH-COSMO (public performer/singer) within the same 48-hour period of Tashi's murder; 'Reese' happens to be a direct relative of Tashi Farmer.



Here's my background story which propelled me to present this PETITION.

I lived in Germany/Austria for the first 19 years of my life w/ ZERO legal issues.
Then went to Washington State as an exchange student, attending TCC and UW to work towards a 'liberal arts' degree. In my 20+ years of establishing residency & citizenship in WA State I had great rapport w/ numerous police officers & I arrived to Vegas in 2012 without a criminal record.
Upon my arrival in Vegas - immediately started getting 'railroaded' by 'bad cops' & I think in 2013 my GF at the time & myself got assaulted by a male at Fremont St. Experience. My GF at the time called loudly for some Yellow Shirt Metro Officers. They didn't want to write a report & discouraged us pursuing 'pressing charges', but we insisted. They said 'This will just get thrown out in court anyway'. My question 'Isn't getting attacked w/ a giant 5 pound rock considered 'assault w/ a deadly weapon?' to which the officers response was LAUGHTER. I had a hard time processing what was happening & reached for my cel. phone to start filming (as well as my GF tried to film as well + one of her friends who was present). The officers told us 'Put that camera away or we will take you straight to jail'. Then a police car pulled up on the sidewalk, so I walked over & indicated that we were the victims of an assault & the lady officers 'colleagues' were not handling the situation in a fair manner whatsoever, to which she replied in a haughty raised pitch voice "Nah...whatchu talking about...I'm only a security officer" & drove off in LAUGHTER. At the time I was not aware of the '311' call & I called '911' telling the operator while I was visibly in distress "Can some good officers come down here please as the 2 cops we waived down are somehow turning things around on us/laughing at our pain/discouraging us from pressing charges/threatening to take US TO JAIL if we filmed the situation". Before I knew it, I was in handcuffs & getting arrested for 'abuse of a 911 call'. When this went to court, the very nice public defender confessed to me that as much as she believed that the cops on scene acted in a reprehensible manner, she advised me to consider taking a 'plea deal' as I could serve 6 months in jail/prison for this 'abuse of 911 call'/a FELONY. She conveyed to me that the Police Dept. involved was well known for 'bad behavior' & that the system is set up to get 'railroading' convictions, as the D.A. & courts & cops all have a common agenda. I expressed to my public defender that it seems impossible that I could be convicted in a case where I WAS THE VICTIM. It seemed absurd. She agreed that this train of thought should be correct, however, 'it doesn't seem to work that way here'. She discouraged me NOT to take the risk of jail time & suggested to plead it down to a 'Gross Misdemeanor'. I disagreed & proceeded w/ the trial, but once one of the officers was on the witness stand & started 'lying his butt off' I looked around & started getting the sense that it actually may be true that multiple parties were colluding to get 'artificial convictions' & in a moment of weakness & fear, I conferred w/ my public defender and asked "Do you really think taking the plea would be best?-this is very energy consuming/scary/intimidating..." She replied "Unless you really want to be forced to prepare witness lists, depositions, etc. etc. for the next 6 will consume your life w/ negative energy for months and months" - so I reluctantly agreed & now had my FIRST offense. Ouch. (30 years ago, when I was a teenager - while I was engaged in an intense conversation, I walked out of a FRED MEYER store w/ a $4 can of 'yeast' - an accident which I have no necessity to lie about despite this occurrence being a 'sealed record' which bore no legal consequences. And maybe about 15 years ago a 'smooth operator' female managed to have me arrested after I called 911 in Tacoma, WA on her for throwing objects at me & hitting me. As I simply can't get myself to hit a female - even to defend myself. I got arrested for 'repeat chest bumping' - a feat impossible for me to accomplish as a 6 ft. male...and she was 4'10"; so her 'chest' would have bumped my belly button or groin. Long story short - she robbed my house while I was in jail for 2 hours & when I saw the judge he looked at 'repeat chest bumping' and rolled his eyes in a state of confusion & immediately said 'case dismissed' - I didn't even have the opportunity to show him how this scandalous chick robbed my house while I was in jail for 2 hours - so again - NO RECORD........some may think this info was 'unnecessary' or 'superfluous' - but I have zero problem leading by example in the quest for JUSTICE & HONESTY)