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Rebeca Ibarra
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We NEED your HELP. Your voice matters. Your actions INSPIR3 change. We are tired of just talking about mental health. Why are we talking when we have a solution? INSPIR3 is the SOLUTION. We not only need a leader in mental health, but one that is accountable to the community while also providing affordable and quality services. INSPIR3 will be that leader, but we need your voice to make this happen. 

Why does mental health matter to you? Mental health is YOUR psychological, social, and emotional well-being. At some point in your life, you will need help. From preventing horrific tragedies, to simply improving our lives, who will be there for you when you need support?

IT IS TIME time for our leaders to act! IT IS TIME for you to STAND UP and TAKE ACTION! INSPIR3 plans to PRODUCE the BEST mental health professionals while providing affordable mental wellness, crisis stabilization, and substance abuse services for you and your community.

Our inpatient/outpatient educational training hospital, which would start in Nevada and expand to other states, would cost $120 million, but would save~$3.4 billion dollars after five years of operation through offsetting economic drains related to avoidable costs such as disability payments and lost productivity. At the same time, our center supports Nevada by creating 350 jobs, serving ~25,000 clients per year, and training ~120 interns per year.

A strong community and stronger economy  starts with you. Help us and help Nevada (and the United States) to achieve this strength by signing our petition and communicating to the governor and federal government that you want INSPIR3 to help you and your community. For more information, visit and like, follow, and share us on facebook, Instagram, and twitter.