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Drop the erroneous charges against Nic Chittock

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Nic Chittock is an upstanding member of the Nevada County community.  He is a 7th generation resident of the area and has deep roots.  Simply Country is a family owned feed store that has been in operation since 1964, well over 50 years.  Although our father Curt Chittock still owns the feed stores, Nic manages and operates them on a daily basis.  Customers have been able to get the supplies and expertise they need to properly feed and care for their animals.  The type of respect shown by the customers at both stores can only be earned by generations of good business practices.  Nic started the learning process young.  As his younger brother, I personally can't remember a time when he didn't have chickens or other animals at home.  The number of animals raised is in the tens of thousands.  He has first-hand experience with wide ranges of poultry, including rare breeds of chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, highland cattle, Texas longhorns, rabbits, songbirds - the list goes on.  At a time when most of us "kids" were grown and out of the house we had family photos with our spouses or children, Nic and his wife had their own portrait - standing in their field with their longhorn cattle surrounding them.  It was always clear that no matter where life took Nic, animals were clear to follow!

Sadly, there are a few people who do not know Nic Chittock, or understand the amount of love and care he has for his animals.  Whether personally or part of the feed store, the high level of concern is the same.  Over the 50+ year period the feed stores have been in operation there has never been a single incident of mistreatment or neglect.  In the fall of 2017 a complaint (stemmed from someone who had not even seen the birds mentioned hereafter) led animal control officers and local volunteers to enter the property and take away over 300 birds.  A much larger number of healthy birds were left as is.  There was no warning or time given to discuss the sickness or condition.  From this one-time incident in which there was no proof of any wrongdoing, local media took hold and ran with what they thought was a story.  Within a short time period various versions of what happened were in the local paper, radio stations, online, and even multiple TV news outlets.  A case of illness within a flock of birds was mistakenly turned into a media case of animal cruelty.  As the manager of the store, Nic was put into a trial of social media - a trial that has no real bearing or due process in the United States of America.  What they didn't share however were the many positive animal experiences from years prior.

Recently we had multiple fires sweep through our county with many evacuations.  The feed store in Penn Valley was in an evacuation area and the store was closed for 2 days.  What the media didn't tell you is that Nic was still there, bringing water in barrels to the animals.  In addition he was taking truckloads of feed to the evacuees at the shelters in the county.

Thankfully Nic Chittock's reputation in the livestock and pet community precedes him.  What has been the result and feedback at both feed stores?  Are sales down?  Are people questioning the ethics of raising animals there?  Did they start shopping elsewhere?  The answer is an ABSOLUTE NO.  An unbelievable outpouring of love and support from customers has been shown to Nic.  The feed store has been around for decades, and so have many of the customers.  They've watched Nic grow up and become the person he is.  They know the accusations of animal cruelty are unfounded and will not stand up in a real court of law.  Not only that, but the local community will stand behind him and continue to support him, both personally and within the retail feed business.

It's time to drop the absurd charges against Nic Chittock.  He has no history of animal abuse, no criminal record of any kind, and has been hit with a groundless felony charge.  If you personally know Nic, I don't even need to ask for your signature, you're likely already signing.  I will however ask anyway, please sign this petition and show the District Attorney of Nevada County, Cliff Newell, what a mistake this is.  Once you've signed, please share with your friends and neighbors.  If you'd like to help even more please call the DA's office and/or write letters voicing your opinion.

Thank you, Kyle Chittock.


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