NeuroRights (USA) - Protect Your Neurodata Privacy Petition 

NeuroRights (USA) - Protect Your Neurodata Privacy Petition 

November 11, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Morgan Button

“In 2021, Chile’s Senate unanimously approved a bill to amend the constitution to protect brain rights or ‘neurorights’ [Lets Be Next]" (UNESCO).

It might seem like a science fiction film but decoding thoughts and images from brain to computer is already upon us. The FDA has approved human testing already so now is the time to secure our autonomy as human beings.

While it is true that tech like neuralink can and does help people with certain disabilities every day. This does not mean that this technology wont take us to some kind of dystopic American dream where everything we think dream and witness is monitored and used to manipulate our behavior. We can change that.

Sign this petition so we can let law makers know we would like them to pass a neurorights bill similar to Chile's that protects our right to be ourselves. Join us and Start the movement to protect your right to think freely.

Chile Neurorights Bill (Spanish and English):


(Still unconvinced, take a look at some of the resources made by The Center for Humane Technology below)


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Signatures: 8Next Goal: 10
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