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Pigeon-proof West Barnes Lane railway bridge (Number 2/33)


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The West Barnes Lane railway bridge, (Number 2/33), just beyond the Raynes Park Waitrose in SW20 is home to dozens of pigeons, which nest in its gables. For staff, parents and families at the local West Wimbledon Primary School, as well as shoppers and local residents, walking under the bridge is an unpleasant, unhealthy and, occasionally, frightening experience.

Staff and parents at the School regularly describe being spattered by guano from the pigeons, as well as talking of the fear experienced by babies and toddlers in prams and pushchairs who have been frightened by birds swooping down, perilously close to them.

The pavements beneath the bridge are filthy: covered by guano, and littered in the Spring by broken birds' eggs and, throughout the year, the carcasses of dead pigeons.

Whilst Merton Council does undertake cleaning of the pavements, it is neither often enough nor does it keep the area clean or hygienic for long.

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