Step Free Access at all stations and on all trains

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My name is Ian Cook and I had Polio as a child and now have to walk with a crutch. I also use a mobility scooter, if I want to use my scooter at many Railway Stations. I can’t as no lifts are available at many stations, if a station doesn’t have a lift then no help or ramp is available to allow me to get onto the platform or access the train.

With 5G and HS2 on the Horizon (at a cost of £60 billion and rising daily) I find it unacceptable that in 2020, I cannot join the rest of the railway network at many stations because they are inaccessible. There are many disabled people who are in this position over the whole of the network. I can get help, but this will put at least an hour on both outward and inward journeys, it is also humiliating, embarrassing and discriminating, no non disabled person has to ask for help, ever time they travel so why should we.

The lack of lifts at railway stations also impacts on the elderly, the public travelling with luggage and parents with buggies/prams etc, it affects many people. Please sign this petition and make a difference, Together We Are Stronger.