Silence the rail crossing sirens-New train siren disruption at Smiths Crossing Gipsy Lane

Silence the rail crossing sirens-New train siren disruption at Smiths Crossing Gipsy Lane

1 July 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ann Mason

Back in Nov 2018 Network Rail decided to erect Whistle Boards, a train whistle was blown for every train that passed the back of the Gipsy Lane houses from 6am to 12 at night (100 times a day). 

Without any consultation with the residents of Gipsy Lane, Network Rail have now installed warning lights with a loud siren which goes off every time a train comes through at Smiths crossing on Gipsy Lane.   Here are the facts that the neighbours are experiencing:

1. The lights are so bright and have no covering over them which consequently
shines directly into the neighbour’s houses.
2. The warning siren is very high-pitched and sounds like a piercing car alarm. 
3. There are 78 trains minimum passing daily with the siren going off around 50 seconds each time from 6am through to past midnight
4. This is extremely upsetting for these Gipsy Lane residents as it is affecting the
wellbeing of the neighbourhood as the siren is so loud that sleep is being
affected as well as disrupting those residents now working from home.

Following the whistle board incident back in 2018, Network Rail agreed to a consultation with the residents to discuss their next actions. This has never taken
place, instead they have pushed ahead with a solution that is totally unacceptable to the Gipsy Lane residents. We understand safety is of upmost importance for the 1 property it services, however not at the determent to the well-being of the residents.

The ask to Network Rail:
Network Rail need to look at alternative silent options to solving this issue, such as a barrier that lowers when it’s not safe to cross like the one in Easthampstead Road.
There is no piercing alarm at that crossing and that should be the same here, there is no need for 78 alarms a day to sound before a train arrives.

Please support the petition we really need your help to back the residents of Gipsy Lane and stop this awful noise that is impacting their daily lives so detrimentally.

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Signatures: 63Next Goal: 100
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